The Best Makeup Trends for Winter 2023

Check out The Best Makeup Trends for Winter 2023 with Avon Brochure February 2023! If you’re curious about the best makeup trends for winter, keep reading this article!

First of all, Sunburn Blush is a big trend on TikTok right now. How the blush is applied is very important for this trend. Apply pigment to your cheeks and nose to achieve an even color. Remember: You want to look a little sunburned, not like you need a lot of after-sun care. Little but self! It’s wise to keep in mind that adding more blush is always easier than removing it.

Soap Brows

Soap Brows is exactly what it sounds like: applying soap to your brows. You only need to have two things and complete only two steps to get the look. Here is what you need:

  • It’s a transparent soap. White soap makes your eyebrows look dandruff.
  • A clean eyebrow brush, also known as a mascara brush.
  • Very simple. Run your eyebrow brush over the wet soap until the soap lathers. Now brush the eyebrows until you get the desired shape. From there, your eyebrows will hold their shape. Be careful not to overfill your eyebrows with soap or you will look like you just washed your face.

Striped Lips

Underlining the lips is a well-known trend that has been going on for several years. The trick to creating the illusion of fuller lips is to avoid overflowing lips. Start with the natural lip line. This way it stays realistic and matches your natural lip shape. Once the outer edges are defined, move on to the center of your mouth. So start with the natural lip line and coat the lips and build volume until you get the result you want. Little but self! Finally, finish your lips with your favorite lipstick and/or lip gloss.

Products for Lip at AVON

  • Avon Power Stay 16 Hour Liquid Lip 7 mL, P299
  • Avon Ultra Perfectly Matte Lipstick, P209
  • Ultra Creamy Lipstick, P209
  • Sunset Beats Lip and Cheek Stick 1.2 g, P249
  • Avon Ultra Color Lip Paint 7 ml, P249
  • Simply Pretty Milk Tea Matte Lipstick 4g, P199
  • Simply Pretty Cotton Matte Lipstick 2g, P100
  • Avon Glow Dream Collection Perfectly Matte Lipstick, P299
  • True Color Lipstick SPF 15, P139.50
  • Mark. Prism Lipstick, P299
  • Mark. Epic Lipstick, P389
  • Avon Color Lipstick SPF 15, P279
  • Perfectly Matte Lipstick, P299
  • Mark. Oh So Tokyo Lip and Cheek Blossom 2.5ml, P399
  • Simply Pretty Cooling Lip Cream 8g, P199
  • Simply Pretty Color Crush Split Matte Lipstick 3.8g, P199
  • Avon Simply Pretty Colorlast Lipstick 2g, P149
  • Perfectly Smooth Lipstick SPF 15, P279
  • Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick 4g, P119
  • Floral Wonderland Matte Lipstick 3.6g, P249
  • Avon Loaded Lip Lacquer 7ml, P279
  • Avon Dual Gradient Lipstick 3.3 g, P299
  • Color Day Glow Jelly Lip & Cheek Tint 5 ml, P259.79
  • Avon 2-In-1 Cushion Cloud 10ml, P279
  • Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint, P109
  • Simply Pretty Sweet Melody Matte Lipstick 4g, P149
  • Mark. Pro Line Lip Perfector Bare My Soul, P229
  • Simply Pretty Split Matte Lipstick In Power Pink Duet 4g, P189
  • Simply Pretty Lip Cream In Fired Up 8g, P179
  • True Color Glimmersticks Lip Liner Red Brick, P149
  • True Color Glimmersticks Lip Liner Peach Envy, P149
  • Mark. Pro Line Lip Perfector Rock On, P229
  • Perfectly Matte Lipstick Red Supreme, P299

Smokey Winged Eyeliner

To get a well-pigmented eyeshadow of your choice, use a small, firm eyeshadow brush and apply the eyeshadow firmly along the upper lash line. In the outer corner, pull the eyeshadow up and give it a wing shape. If necessary, go over the line with more shadows to increase contrast and clarity. If you want to clean up blurry edges or enhance definition, take under eye concealer with a concealer brush and draw along the outer edge of the wing.

Now you are aware of the makeup trends for the coming winter. Try them yourself!

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