The Best Makeup for Your Hair Color

Today’s topic is about makeup for your hair color with Avon Brochure March 2020! Just as we make up according to our clothes, it is so important to make up according to our hair color. You can look much more natural and plain by making makeup according to your hair color. Our hair is like the frame of our character and our face. We cannot give up the colors we usually get used to in makeup, but when we change our hair color, we think about what makeup we do. But keep in mind that by applying makeup suitable for your hair, you will put not only your face but also your flawless hair in the foreground. Let’s talk about how we should make up according to hair color.

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If you have brown hair; In your eye makeup, coffee, beige, and bronze colors will make you look very beautiful. You can choose natural colors, earth tones or nut colors on the lips. In the foundation, you can use light brownish tones. Finally, bronze and peach shades will suit you in the blush selection.

If you are red-haired; Eyes in black and green tones will make you look pretty beautiful. When choosing a foundation, you can choose one or two light colors from your skin. In the selection of lipstick, red and powder shades can open you. When choosing blush, you can choose pink shades.

In blond hair; In eye makeup, pink shades will suit you very well, however, you can enliven your makeup with blue and dark blue eye pencils. Light pinks, fuchsia, and red tones will suit you well in the selection of lipstick. You can choose light tones suitable for your skin in the foundation. You can also choose peach, pink and bronze shades when choosing blush.
On black hair; Grays and blacks will suit you well in your eye makeup.

Using one or two light colors from your skin color will make your hair color more prominent. You can choose red shades like lipstick. As for the blush selection; Natural tile shades that will accentuate the cheekbones will suit you quite well. Always stay beautiful, goodbye.

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