The Best Beauty and Makeup Tips in 2020

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Exaggerated false eyelashes

In fact, the false eyelashes that many women wear are obvious from the outside. However, women still like to display these lashes as if they were their lashes. This trend will change in 2020. Exaggeration of the exaggerated eyelashes will now be used. However, these lashes will reveal the beauty of women’s eyes with short or bulk hair.

Colorful mascaras

2020 will be a quite different year for eyelashes. Like the eyeliner and eyeshadow, colorful mascaras will also be in trend. These mascaras, which will be in harmony with the outfit and give a sporty look, will be used with neutral makeup as usual.

Natural eyebrows

Those who wear permanent eyebrow makeup will be a bit upset about this, but leaving the eyebrows natural in 2020 will be an important trend. If we said the natural state, we did not say that nothing will be applied. Although there are no pens, eyebrows will be filled with eyebrow powder. However, the eyebrows will not be shaped and the eyebrows will not have sharp lines. In other words, in 2020, we can say that women are not required to be in a face that has just emerged from the hairdresser.

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