Skin Cleansing Tips and Tricks

In this article, you will see skin cleansing tips and tricks with Avon Brochure August 2020! The methods of choosing the right cleaning product according to the skin type and the latest product Avon options are with you. Cleansing is the most basic and important stage of skincare.

Regular cleaning of the skin provides a healthy glow while delaying aging. For this reason, skin cleansing is not negligible. It is very important to choose the most suitable product for the skin type and to apply these products in the most correct way. So, what should be considered when choosing a product?

Oily skin

Excessive sebum secretion occurs in skin cells as a result of external factors such as the use of wrong skin care products, humid weather, smoking, or hormone imbalance. This causes the forehead, nose, and chin to appear bright, the pores to expand, and the formation of blackheads. To minimize this look, you can try using a deep cleansing gel or a cleansing foam containing salicylic.

Dry skin

The top layer of the skin, which protects our body, consists of oil and water. This layer contains the minerals that the skin needs and provides a healthy glow. However, as a result of factors such as aging, hormonal disorders, or low water consumption, the skin starts to lose water. This causes the skin to dry. In addition to a regular moisturizer, it is very important to use a cleansing oil consisting of jojoba, argan, sweet almond, or avocado oils while cleansing the skin for people with dry skin. Apply the cleansing oil to your skin by massaging it in a circular form, and then remove the oil with hot water.

Sensitive Skin

The skin structure that is thin, fair-skinned, and always dry is called sensitive skin. Therefore, cleaning sensitive skin requires special care. You should stay away from artificial ingredients such as parabens and perfumes, and choose a cleanser containing glycerin that helps calm the skin. Classic soap and cleansing milk consisting of beneficial oils such as avocado and shea butter are also among the recommendations of the experts.

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