Skin Care Routine by Age

In this article, you will see skin care routine by age with Avon Brochure July 2021 Philippines! In general, as we age, our skin ages as well. Our skin reaches its peak at age 25 and enters the aging process. We can get more effective results when proper care is taken according to the age of the skin.

However, most of us try to use more effective products without thinking about our skin age with misperception. Products that are not suitable for skin age can cause more harm to our skin instead of being beneficial. It is possible see good skin care for every skin types on Avon July 2021 Brochure.

For example, if a person in his 20s uses the product of his mother in his 40s for skin care, he can see the effect immediately and feel his skin better. However, since he used the highly effective product at a young age, he will have to use a more effective product in his 30s. In this case, our skin will lose its self-renewal power as it is nourished more than necessary. Therefore, you should definitely take care of your skin by your age with Avon July 2021 Brochure pdf.

Skin Care in the 20s

Our skin reaches its peak in the early 20s and naturally begins to age towards the end. As the skin ages, fine wrinkles begin to form. Due to harmful external factors such as UV rays, problems such as stains begin to appear. Since the skin regenerates rapidly at the age of 10, skin problems may disappear over time. However, if care is not taken after the mid-20s, it can cause irreversible problems.

For this reason, it is necessary to start in the 20s to prevent skin problems. For example, wrinkle care is not a care after the appearance of wrinkles, but a care that prevents the formation of wrinkles. The skin care routine is acquired in the 20s. So it begins to show its effect as you age.

Before you start problems such as fine wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes, spots and acne in your 20s, you should get a skin care routine as a precaution against these problems. You should get into the habit of using sunscreen cream. If you are looking for a good sunscreen, you should see the Avon Brochure July 2021.

In your 20s, you can show your face alive with only lipstick. You should avoid heavy make-up as much as possible and you should definitely get into the habit of cleaning the make-up you apply well before going to bed.

Skin Care in the 30s

At the age of 30, our skin begins to age rapidly, so you should pay attention to applying a care that helps the skin to regenerate.
At the age of 30, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases up to 80% of the age of 20, and the volume of the bones decreases and our skin begins to sag.

With anti-aging products, you should slow down the aging of areas that begin to appear on the ground, such as around the eyes and mouth, and forehead. With skin regenerating products, you need to restore the elasticity and vitality that has begun to disappear. See Avon July 2021 Catalogue and get the best skin care for your skin!

Skin Care in the 40s

The aging of the skin begins in the 20s. It becomes visible in the 30s and begins to accelerate in the 40s. With the decrease in the regeneration rate of skin cells, skin elasticity begins to decrease rapidly. Losing elasticity, the skin begins to sag and wrinkles begin to multiply.

Skin care is required to moisturize, balance the moisture/oil ratio in the skin and improve the skin renewal cycle. With this, it is necessary to reduce wrinkles, prevent wrinkles and improve skin tone. View the best skin care with Avon Catalogue July 2021. Moreover, most of them are on sale now!

Here are Skin Care Routine by Age with the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines. For more beauty tips and Avon products, visit the home page.

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