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Today’s topic is about Sheet Masks by AVON with Avon Brochure June 2020! Sheet masks, the invention of the Korean beauty industry, which is open to innovation, attract worldwide attention. Whether for a specific skin problem or for general facial treatment, sheet masks are one of the most economical ways to pamper your skin with professional care.

Sheet masks are extremely practical. It is a solution that can be applied within seconds, eliminating all the troublesome features of standard masks. Compared to clay and cream masks, sheet masks are the smartest way to apply moisturizing and nourishing face care ingredients. It is also very easy to apply thanks to its form cut in face form and kept in a liquid formula. Sheet fibers with a highly absorbent structure also prevent the skin from drying out due to evaporation.

When should you use it?

Use it whenever you want! All you have to do is make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Is a cleansed skin a must?

In short, yes! The basic principle does not actually change: Any obstacle between the skincare ingredients absorbed by the fibers of your sheet mask and your skin will overshadow the effect of your skincare.

At the end of this application, which will last 15-20 minutes, a more revitalized and lively skin is waiting for you. Avon’s refreshing and effective sheet masks are waiting for you to experience this special care. Your skin deserves this beauty!

Masks & Sheet Masks by AVON;

  • K Beauty Collection – Cica Soothing Sheet Mask
  • Naturals Rose Whitening Sheet Masks
  • Naturals Lime Brightening Sheet Masks
  • Papaya Whitening 3-In-1 Cleanser Scrub Mask
  • Naturals Aloe Vera Hydration Mask
  • Naturals Papaya Brightening Smoothie Mask
  • Chocolate & Milk Dual Mask

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