Professional Makeup at Home

Time to browse professional makeup at home with products of Avon Brochure April 2021! You don’t have to go to the hairdresser for a flawless, professional make-up. You can easily make the professional make-up you want by applying techniques with your favorite make-up materials at home.

In order to make professional make-up at home, it is necessary to know the techniques of make-up very well. We can say professional make-up as a symbol of flawlessness and enchanting appearance. With 2 or 3 materials, it is possible to both achieve a magnificent appearance and make professional make-up. The most important feature of professional make-up, which provides a perfect appearance, is that it does not need too many materials.

Professional Makeup at Home

We call the application professional make-up in order to have a beautiful appearance with the closure of the defects. The way professional make-up is applied is very important. Professional make-up, especially made by revealing facial features, makes the person look perfect. Usually professional makeup; It is made by experts with quality materials. See these tricks with products of Avon April 2021 Catalogue.

Makeup from Avon April 2021 Brochure;

Professional make-up attracts the attention of everyone in the environment when applied beautifully. If professional make-up is applied with the right techniques, positive impressions will always be formed on the other person. On the contrary, when professional makeup is applied badly, you may get negative reactions in the environment. For example; It is not correct to apply make-up on dry skin. Same way; Applying lipstick directly to the bad lip or sticking the mascara stick into the tube too much interrupts professional make-up.

Important Factor of  Face Shape

When applying professional makeup at home, it is necessary to pay attention to a few issues. It is very important to use make-up materials correctly with the applications before make-up. Before professional make-up, it is necessary to consider the face shape. Then it is necessary to determine how the makeup will be styled. Also, you need to consider where to draw attention. While some people want to focus attention on the eyes while applying professional make-up; others focus the attention completely on the lips. We can list the important steps in making professional makeup as follows:

Cleansing and moisturizing

Before professional make-up, it is necessary to clean the skin. Avoid applying foundation directly to your skin without moisturizer. When starting professional make-up, it is necessary to apply moisturizer to the skin. Thanks to the moisturizer, your skin will be protected against make-up materials. The moisturizer actually acts as a barrier to protect the skin here. Another task of the moisturizer is to increase the permanence of make-up.

Applying foundation with concealer

When applying professional makeup, you have to choose a foundation very carefully. Make sure to use the same shade of foundation that matches the color of your skin. In this way, you will have a natural and flawless appearance. The most important feature of the foundation; hiding the imperfections in the skin.

True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation

While doing the concealing job, the foundation also evens out the skin tone. You should apply the foundation to your skin in a thin layer. You should distribute it evenly in all areas of your skin. Also detained; You can apply concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle.

AVON Rollerball Eyeshadow

One of the most important points of professional make-up is the eyes. We can say that the eye makeup has the ability to affect the entire appearance of make-up. When applying professional eye make-up, you first need to use a light shade of shadow as a base. You need to spread some on your whole eyelid.

You can apply the eyeshadow to your eyelid in a cloudy, light or shadowy manner. If you want to get the look you want, you should use the tones that way. After the eyeshadow process is over, you can switch to eyeliner and mascara application. While applying mascara to your eyelashes; Take care that it is from the bottom to the tip.

AVON Lip & Cheek Tint

If you want your look to be radiant, you can apply illuminator. By applying illuminator, your skin can achieve a stunning appearance. By getting an illuminator for yourself; It would be the most correct procedure to apply it to the scalp and cheekbones. You can also apply the contour to the face and cover up the imperfections. In summary, you can use an illuminator to reveal the beautiful parts of your face.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick

Of course, one of the indispensable ingredients of professional make-up is lipstick. Lipstick plays an important role in completing the make-up. Professional makeup is unthinkable without lipstick. Draw around your lips with a lipstick close to your lipstick, without applying lipstick first. You can apply your lipstick after drawing with a lip pencil.

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