Porcelain Skin Makeup with Avon Skincare

Today’s topic is about porcelain skin makeup with Avon Brochure October 2020! When is porcelain makeup done and how is it cleaned? The answers to the questions are in this article! Porcelain make-up is a type of make-up in which all lines and roughness are covered with concealer, foundation, and powder in turn. It is this porcelain smooth image that gives make-up its name.

When is porcelain makeup done?

Porcelain makeup is not suitable for daily use. Because the skin stays stuffy for a long time and the cover of four or five layers flows faster than normal makeup. Porcelain make-up does not look aesthetic in environments with intense light, as the facial features are covered. However, it looks good in light or dim conditions.

What are the subtleties of porcelain makeup?

If it is thick and dark, you should remove the hairs on your skin. In case of an allergic condition or rash, you should have this procedure done a day or two in advance. Otherwise, you need to use more concealer and your skin will be damaged.

How to clean porcelain makeup?

You should first wash your skin with a facial cleansing gel. You can take a few minutes of the steam bath to remove the material that penetrates your pores. Then you can wipe your face with rose water. If possible, you should not apply anything to your face after making sure that there is no concealer, foundation, or powder residue. If you are going out you can apply a coat of moisturizer.

After your skin breathes, it is useful to do natural skincare. For example, skim milk or cucumber water that you apply with a piece of cotton will repair your skin. It is enough to wash your face after it dries.

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