Perfect Makeup with Avon October 2020 Brochure!

Check out perfect makeup with Avon Brochure October 2020! The perfect base is important in make-up. That’s why concealers are important. Here are things to consider when using concealer. As make-up lovers know very well, it is very important to prepare a perfect base for make-up to look beautiful. You can continue reading to learn the architectural concealer tips for preparing the perfect ground.

The priority of make-up is always moisturizer and base. Then it is necessary to continue with the foundation. Thus, it is an undeniable fact that skin inequalities and imperfections in the skin appear much less. It is necessary to use the concealer after these steps. By applying topical applications to the areas under the eyes and the areas you find defective, your skin will get closer to flawlessness.

Application format

When applying concealer under the eye, you should apply it in a way that creates an inverted triangle under your eyes rather than just applying it in an arc. Thus, you will get a more vivid and young look. Whichever tool you use while applying, applying with buffer movements instead of tugging your under-eye will not wear out your eye area and minimize the product filling into your under-eye lines. As the last step, we recommend that you go over it with a transparent powder.

Color selection

If you only hide your flaws with concealer without using foundation, I suggest you buy a concealer that is the same color as your skin, such as foundation. If you are using a concealer with foundation, make sure that your concealer is at most two shades lighter than your foundation. Otherwise, you will get more suitable makeup for Halloween. If you have a problematic eye area, if there is a lot of color inequality, the salmon and pink concealers that are suitable for the need will be just right for you.

Highlight your lips

Even though we think that using red lipstick is not the stuff of every father, it is possible to get a cleaner red lipstick look with this tip. After applying your lip liner and your favorite red lipstick, apply concealer around your lips with a fine-tipped brush. You will see that you get a much more accentuated and clean look.

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