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Porcelain Skin Makeup

Today’s topic is about Porcelain Skin Makeup with Avon Brochure February 2020 Philippines! It takes its name from a porcelain doll exactly as it comes to mind at first; Because when this makeup is applied, the person has smooth skin almost like a porcelain doll. Even though porcelain makeup is generally preferred on special occasions such as weddings and comes out of professional hands, let us give you a few tips:

– Firstly, pay attention to the color harmony of your foundation and powder with your skin. If a natural appearance does not occur on your skin when porcelain makeup is applied, it deviates from its purpose. Remember, the goal is to make our skin look like it hasn’t changed since we were 3 years old!
– After preparing your skin for make-up with clear powder, cover your flaws such as acne or blemish with your concealer.
– Identify the areas on your face where you want to have light. If this is bridal makeup, the shadows on your face will change according to the shape of your hair. So did you prefer an outdoor country wedding or will you dance under the spots? Yes, the correct prediction will also affect the light situation in the space directly.

Avon Define and Sculpt Palette From Avon Catalog February 2020;

If it’s a special day like a wedding, it is undoubtedly the best to surrender yourself to professional hands. But why not have smooth skin in your daily life? At this point, let’s introduce you to Avon Define and Sculpt Palette from Avon February 2020 Brochure. Avon Define and Sculpt Palette, which is considered to be a headlight or blush at first glance, is actually a product set up to neutralize the color imbalances in the skin with contrasting colors.

Lila: It is the contrast of the yellow color and neutralizes the yellowish color on the skin.
Pink: Smoothes the look of brownish dark circles.
Apricot: Brightens pale skin and gives a healthy appearance.
Yellow: It is the contrast of purple color, balances the appearance of bruises under the eyes and closes.

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The secret of Perfect Skin

In this article, you will see some tips about what is the secret of perfect skin with products of Avon Brochure February 2020! We are sure that we can find millions of women who can do everything to find this secret. But do we show our skin the care it deserves when trying to find this secret? Or do we live with the dream that we will find the secret and get beautiful skin in an hour? Then we need to wake up immediately from this beauty sleep.

The secret of perfect skin goes through a skin that is regularly cleaned every day. Consider how much pollution and dust our skin is exposed to. Yes, I wish we could remove our skin and throw it into the machine and wash it. How easy would everything be?

Between our hustle and bustle, we need to give our skin the necessary attention and take time. It is very scary to think about how many hours a month the sum of those 5 minutes we did not devote to cleanse our skin.

Then Avon has a few suggestions for breathable, healthy skin:

Avon Solutions Refreshing Cleansing Wipes
Wherever you are, you can clean your makeup with cleansing wipes that refresh your skin. See this product from Avon Catalog February 2020.

Avon Solutions Facial Toner
With moisturizing and revitalizing tonic, you can purify your skin from dirt, oil, and roughness.

Avon 3-in-1 Purifier
You may feel your face renewed. Breathable pores, dirt-free skin.

Avon Solutions Makeup Remover
You can even remove your waterproof mascara with Avon Solutions.

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Countdown to Valentine’s Day

Today’s topic is about Valentine’s Day with products of Avon Brochure February 2020! For many of us, the countdown has begun on the most special and most anticipated day of the year. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are moving and our excitement is at its peak. We have already chosen our special clothes for today, and we still have makeup that will reflect the excitement in our faces. So how do we add more colors to this colorful day?

Avon Color Trend Series

Avon is running to our aid with the Color Trend series. This time, the stunning series, which comes out with special pink packages for Valentine’s Day, will both impress you with its colorful and seductive tones and will make you turn your lover’s head. How will you do this?

First of all, you can choose from different shades of glosses or colorful lipsticks for shimmering lips. These cute lipsticks with pink packaging and heart patterns will steal your heart first, and then your lover! Discover awesome lipsticks from Avon February 2020 Brochure!

You can carry the childish of pink color or the sexiness of black with the eye pencils that you can apply to your eyes, either in one color or by combining colors. You can also complete your make-up by highlighting your eyelashes with the voluminous mascara of Color Trend to have striking looks.

What about the nails? With the magical tones of different shades ranging from pink to purple, you can add a different liveliness to your nails and you can complete your look wonderfully with small heart-shaped glitters special for Valentine’s Day!

Thus, with these special Avon products, you will pamper yourself, reveal the radiance in you, and also give your lover an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

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How To Clean The Skin?

Today’s topic is about how to clean the skin with products of Avon Brochure January 2020! Daily facial cleansing is a must for healthy skin. The air pollution that you are exposed to during the day also causes your skin to be twice as dirty. In order to get rid of the negative effects of all these external factors, what you need to do is very simple.

1) Clean Your Skin With Gel Cleanser

Do not forget to clean your skin morning and evening with a gel cleanser suitable for the skin type. This not only helps your skin to get a fresh look by removing dirt but also keeps the skin pores clean. You can use Nutra Effects Refreshing Gel Cleanser as a daily skin cleanser that gives a feeling of relief while deeply cleansing the skin suitable for all skin types.

2) Apply Skin Mask

You can have a fresh and lively appearance by cleaning your skin with daily gel cleaners. However, we recommend you to apply a face mask for deep skin cleansing. One of the best methods to cleanse the skin from the remains is the face mask.

You can reach the result you need with various face masks. Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Dead Sea Mineral Purifying Facial Mask to remove skin residues, Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Olive Oil Extract Facial Mask to renew with the necessary moisture, Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining Black Caviar Extract Facial Mask for smooth and tighter appearance You can use the Planet Spa Caribbean Escape Luminous Facial Mask once a week to give your skin a radiant look.

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Avon Ideal Luminous Blush

Today we share a great blush review with you, Avon Ideal Luminous Blush from Avon Brochure January 2020! A super-like blush with its color, structure, and posture on the cheek. Avon Ideal Luminous Blush will be under the spot today! It is quite pigmentation compared to a blush. For this reason, you should apply with rather sparse and soft bristle brushes rather than frequent bristles. The brush that comes out of each blush is also available in this blush, but let’s confess that we don’t use these brushes unless none of us is in a difficult situation.

Blush, as you know, has a beauty that will instantly revive you and make you look more dynamic and energetic. So if you feel your skin lifeless, dull or pale that day, first apply blush immediately. Be sure, it has a serious effect on your appearance, as I said, I was not a frequent wearer, but after seeing the vibrant feeling it gave, my hand started to go more often.

If you want a natural pink cheek look, you can use more vibrant tones like Avon Ideal Luminous Blush and apply it on your full cheekbones with a tiny brush. This creates a healthy and lively skin look.

Products We Choose From Avon January 2020 Brochure;

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Avon Power Stay Series

Today’s topic is Avon Power Stay Series from Avon Brochure January 2020! The lipsticks and foundations in the Power Stay series is specially created for those who pay extra attention to make-up. Its design fits Avon Beauty Club as usual in thought! You will see 2 product reviews. These are True Power Stay Foundation and Avon True Power Stay Lipstick. If you are interested in this topic, you should read this! Here you go!

True Power Stay Foundation

This product, which has 2 different color options, is suitable for many colors. Tones suitable for most wheat skins and brown wheat skins. But I don’t think these colors will go to very white skin. Colors; Ivory and Warm Ivory. Surprisingly Ivory color is warmer, warm ivory color is more yellow undertone; I can say that it will fit the wheat skins for both colors. It is not masmatine but has a foundation and medium coverage. They are ideally applied with a beauty blender and brush. If you don’t apply plenty of moisturizer under the skin, it may cause a little dryness on dry skin like me. But if you moisturize it abundantly, it is ideally comfortable, suitable for daily and night use.

Avon True Power Stay foundation features;

Up to 16 hours permanent,
Despite the matte and powdered structure, it does not look dull,
Controls lubrication with oil-absorbing power

Avon True Power Stay Lipstick

Avon True Power Stay lipsticks in different colors push the limits of durability! Let’s look at the colors of lipsticks immediately; Lipsticks with a creamy formula like foam are very easy to apply but I recommend using a lip liner. If you apply lip balm to the bottom, it does not dry out, but first of all, it is necessary to clean the lips with exfoliating and moisturize them, because lipsticks that stick to the lips and remain on the lips as they promise permanence for up to 16 hours. Lipstick with a sponge applicator, easy to dominate, very difficult to remove in general, but ideal for those who want lasting.

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