New Season Makeup Trends 2021

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New Season Makeup Trends 2021

We are in a period where we see every color of pastel tones. Especially, we will be used to seeing all shades of yellow, golden yellow and its derivatives this year. We will use headlights alone instead of combining them with dark and light colors. Generally, it’s not a feminine, but a younger look. You can also apply these trends, especially pastel differences, to bridal makeup.

Eyeliner with Dark and Sharp Lines

Forget about the familiar eyeliner lines. Instead of classic shots, longer and more assertive lines appeared instead of eyeliner. Eyeliner drawn from the lower eyelashes to the fold line of the eyelid makes the eyes look bigger than they are. If you say you cannot draw properly about eyeliner, this thick eyeliner line is for you. If you are looking for a good eyeliner, you should browse Avon Catalogue May 2021! There are good choices here.

Single Eyeshadow Makeup

We are in a period in which the toning of different colors is abandoned and single colors are applied more. For example, you can try this makeup trend in which only blue eyeshadows are used. Especially when the weather is warmer, you will love this make-up that you can combine with your denim.

Matte Skin Makeup

In the winter season, it left its place to matte skin make-up. Of course, illuminating is again indispensable for finishing make-up, but a slightly cold look is indispensable for us this year. Those with dry skin can try applying plenty of moisturizer and make-up base before applying the matte finish foundation. There are many good moisturizers on Avon May 2021 Brochure PDF. See them and buy the best for you skin!

Red Eye Makeup

While the metallic effect continues in full swing in eye make-up, this year we will see silver, copper, gold-shimmering headlights often. Copper shimmery shades generally go well with any skin. Therefore, we have no doubt that it will be a favorite color.

Dark Lipstick

Perhaps the thing we will see the most this year is a make-up that is dominated by dark lipsticks in summer and winter. Please get a little radical, at least keep up with this trend with brown and burgundy tones.

Here is the New Season Makeup Trends 2021 with Avon Brochure May 2021! For more discounts, products, and brochures visit the home page. Also, follow us on Youtube and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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