New Care Trend from Korea: Water Mask Care

Today’s topic is about Water Mask Care and some products from Avon Brochure January 2020 Philippines. The face mask is one of the main products in our skincare. Whether you use peeling or paper-shaped masks, all of them open the pores on your skin and remove them. As such, the latest innovation in face masks came from Korea.

Korea, which brings different innovations to our lives in beauty, is now with a new face mask. This care, which is washing your face with a mask, is not a real mask. It’s just a technique. You apply this technique with a liquid mixture of Korea’s Blithe’s Patting Splash Mask, which contains fruit and vegetable extracts. This facial mask innovation is inspired by Korean women cleaning their faces with boiled rice or flour water. This unique, unmasked facial mask treatment repairs the skin, although not so common, but very impressive. It also gives instant visible results.

When it comes to applying this technique, fill the quarter of your sink with water first. Pour a container of this liquid product into the sink and mix it with water. Then wash your face for 30 seconds with this mixture. Finally, dry your face like moisturizing your skin with your hands. Manufactured in Korea is not known when these masks come to Turkey, but he did not care in the 20 minutes of face masks will be very easy to do in 30 seconds with this application.

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