Natural Summer Makeup

When it comes to natural summer makeup, indispensable eyelashes and bright lips come to mind. But for those who do not want to settle for it, if we think about city life or at night, we recommend that you start with a fine foundation BB / CC cream first. For your eyes, you can reflect the fresh skin look by choosing the bright tones of pink and peach shades that will reflect the warmth of the summer. In summer, instead of thick black eyeliner, you can either complete your eye makeup with mascara or reveal your eyes by drawing a faint pencil on your eyelash bottoms. Check out Avon Brochure March 2020!

Your face should not be too bronze or open according to your body. Here you can also get help from bronzers … You can apply the light shimmer bronzer to your skin with a light touch. You can also apply illuminating to the areas that remain high on your face, provided that you do not exaggerate. And you shouldn’t miss lipsticks that provide a moist, natural look from your bag.

Why is it important that makeup products also have SPF protection?

As it is known, when exposed to direct sunlight, large damages can occur on the skin. Of course, in order to minimize these effects, using creams and products with SPF protection protects the skin from the negative effects that may occur in a long time. We pay more attention to using sunscreens, especially in the summer, when the sun feels effect and the holiday season opens.

Normally, if you are going to be out all day, SPF can lose its effect. Here, it may be necessary to get help from the SPF protected waters squeezed on makeup. Another important factor that should be taken into account in summer and winter skincare and make-up is the age and structure of the skin. Separate care products are used for each skin type, and it is very important to consider this in the selection of make-up. In addition, the colors used in make-up vary according to skin and hair color.

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