Makeup Trends of 2022

We are opening the season so let’s see makeup trends of 2022 with Avon Brochure January 2022! Let’s see what the world podiums that we look forward to every season and refer to in terms of make-up tell us for 2022. Although we have experienced strong changes in our hair-make-up habits in recent years, the only thing that has not changed is our passion for beauty!

Makeup Trends of 2022

We follow the make-up gurus of social media, famous names and of course the world catwalks closely for inspiration. While the 2022 trends signal that we will leave the modesty under the mask and go for assertive interpretations in terms of make-up, they invite us to be much more courageous. Of course, we will not miss the lip and skin make-up, but 2022 is literally the year of the eyes. Colors, lines, light reflections; all of this and more is starring the eyes.

Color Explosion

Take your eyeshadows, which have the most vibrant and brightest tones of the color palette, out of the drawers because in 2022, colorful eye makeup is more popular than ever. However, do not think of standard applications; Now is the time to use colors much more boldly and unusually. An endless sea of inspiration awaits you this season, from dispersed colored eyeshadow applications to layered eyeliners and even eye-catching sparkles. If you are looking for a good eyeshadow, you should check the Avon January 2022 Brochure PDF in detail! Many good discounts and exclusive selections are waiting for you!

Misty Look

It is impossible to ignore the effect of smoky, foggy, misty eye makeup! All you need is a bitter brown eyeliner and a full-tipped brush to diffuse it. If you wish, you can also apply with black eyeliner as on the Tom Ford podium, but let us give you a tip; brown eye pencils make the eye color look much brighter. You can add a much more dramatic and striking effect to your make-up with copper tones that you will use on your eyelids.

Creative Applications

Graphic eyeliner applications, which have found more and more place in daily make-up in recent years, are leveling up this season and leaving their place to much more artistic and creative looks. With the felt tip eyeliner in pen form, you can go beyond the ordinary and create completely unique eye make-ups. The Givenchy podium is one of the best examples of this.

Every Shade of Red

This season, the eyes are at the forefront, but the red lips, whose time and season never pass, continue to dominate; even more diversified. You can determine the red that suits you best according to your skin tone, hair and eye color in a wide scale ranging from pomegranate flower to broadside. Moreover, there is diversity in the structures. It doesn’t matter as much as possible with a matte or satin finish; The choice is entirely yours.

Clear Skin

Since No makeup makeup came into our lives, we said goodbye to heavy products and layered applications. This trend continues in 2022, even skin make-up becomes more transparent. In order to achieve clear and natural looks as possible, you can prefer thin-colored moisturizers that are almost water-like instead of thick foundations with powder. The look we want is an unconcealed but monotone and luminous finish. If you need a light foundation or powder, you must view Avon Catalogue January 2022! Many special solutions can be browsable on this leaflet!

Luminous Eye Springs

This time, not the outer corners of our eyes; As in the Lanvin fashion show, we focus entirely on the eyes. If you wish, you can apply with luminous eyeshadows, or with intense pigments or illuminators. The important thing here is to increase and fix the glow as much as possible. Then spray some makeup fixing spray on your brush and apply it that way. You will get a much brighter and lasting appearance. You can diversify your make-up with soft color transitions.

So here are Makeup Trends of 2022 with the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines. If you want to see more discounts, beauty tips, and Avon products, you should check the home page. Also, visit the category page and see the latest Avon Catalogue regularly! Here u go!

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