Makeup trends and suggestions for 2023

Browse the Makeup trends and suggestions for 2023 with Avon Brochure January 2023! How to make up for New Year’s Eve? In this article, we look at the answer to this question. We shared with you this year’s New Year’s makeup trends and suggestions that will make the makeup last all night.

Everyone wants to say hello to the new year by wearing their best clothes on New Year’s Eve. Our make-up is as important as our outfit on New Year’s Eve. So how should we do our make-up on New Year’s Eve? Check out this year’s New Year’s makeup trends and suggestions that will make the makeup last all night! Let’s view Makeup trends and suggestions for 2023!

What are the trends for Christmas makeup this year?

This year, very high visual, eye-catching glitter glitters are very fashionable. Especially if you are going to a really crowded party for Christmas make-up, the only thing that can make a difference is these glitter glitters and they create a very beautiful look.

Especially when eyeliner is applied, when a few of these glitter glitters, especially the patterned ones, are placed on the tail, a very different form is obtained and it becomes very eye-catching. There are many effective eyeliners on this Avon Brochure!

Also, graphic eyeliners shot with neon colors are the trends of this year. In other words, graphic eyeliners are used even in daily make-ups and a very different look can be achieved.

Good Tones for Christmas

Of course, red lipsticks that never lose their effect. They are among the trends of this year. However, of course, it is not glittery on the lips, more matte colors are in fashion, but sparkles in the eyes, sparkling makeup and glitters are a very big trend of this year, especially in Christmas makeup. We can see it everywhere, everywhere.

What should be considered when doing Christmas make-up?

What I care very much about all party makeup; Especially in Christmas make-up, a shining skin make-up should be avoided.

Foundations with a completely matte finish should be used. When we look at your make-up at the end of the night, we need to use some well-prepared, well-moisturized skin and matte-finish foundations in order to use a make-up that does not shine and does not disperse in the T-zone.
If we want sparkle, if we like sparkle, we can only use it as a highlighter on the cheekbones.

Best AVON Products for Christmas Makeup

The other important thing is; shimmer is indispensable for party makeup and should only be used on the eyes. These may be silvery headlights, the glitters we use on the tails of the families we make, the glitters can be used as colored and patterned.

Lastly, the thing that should never be in Christmas make-up is glittery lipsticks, shiny lipsticks. Definitely need to use matte finish lipsticks. It is necessary to use lipsticks with a matte finish, both because they last longer and not to disperse all night long.

Which tones should you choose for Christmas make-up?

Of course, make-up always changes according to the skin color of the person, eye color and even the clothes he wears. However, since this is a Christmas make-up, a party make-up, you should never give up on your trendy pink tones and peach tones so that it will never let you down all night for an eye-catching look. These two tones go well with everything and all colors. They are compatible with many eye colors and will never let you down during the night.

If your eyes are green and blue, I recommend that you never give up on earth tones. Even when you use brown eyeshadows, never give up on red and its tones as a lipstick when you use earth tones and brown headlights. An earthy eye make-up and a red lip make-up will make you glamorous all night long.

What kind of make-up should be done according to which environment?

Not every environment removes every make-up. We need to make up according to the environments we will attend. Since our topic is Christmas, the alternatives can be as follows: If we are going to attend a fun party on New Year’s Eve, we can definitely use glittery eyeshadows, colorful glitter glitters, eye-catching eyeliners, intense eyelashes or use dark colors in lip makeup. Very dark colors can be used on the lips because this is a party make-up, it can be made a little more exaggerated according to the style of the make-up as it will be fun.

Makeup for Romantic Moments with AVON

However, if you are having a dinner alone with your loved one, with your spouse, if it is going to be a romantic meal, a romantic eye make-up should definitely be applied. In other words, smoky eye makeup, a slightly diffuse smoky eye makeup and earth tones should never be given up. Smokey eye makeup made with earth tones will really add a very romantic atmosphere to the eyes.

Therefore, lips, nude tones, make-up on romantic nights should definitely be abandoned. If you need something for this smoky makeup, you should check out Avon Catalogue January 2023!

However, if we are going to have a meal in such a crowded house with our family in a family atmosphere, a well-applied eyeliner, a dense mascara and a clear red lipstick can be used on the lips. Thus, you do not risk your night in any way. Especially if we use matte red lipstick, your lip makeup will not be scattered throughout the night.

Makeup tips with AVON Products

Skin make-up on New Year’s Eve is the most important part of a whole make-up. The skin should be more matte so that it never shines.

I recommend a matte skin for comfortable use all night long and not to spoil. Hence, I recommend using the shimmer only on the eyes. If you are looking for good makeup for your eyes, you should check Avon January 2023 Brochure PDF!

Find the best for your eyes!

Whether you use eyeshadow or just apply a simple eyeliner, you can turn it into a party make-up with a single move. When you paste colored glitters or small tiny stones in line with the eyeliner, you can instantly turn your make-up into a completely different party make-up.

Indispensable for party make-up and Christmas make-up are eyelashes; It provides eyelashes that show everything, provide eye-catching, and final finish. For false eyelashes, I suggest you wear the whole eyelash, but I suggest you wear that whole eyelash in half, only on the ends.

AVON Products for Eyes

If you wear eyelashes only from the tip of your eyes, from the half of your eyes, your eyes will be almond eyes and our eyelashes will last longer throughout the night. Let’s browse the best Avon products on the latest catalogue!

I would like to give one more tip; Whatever color lipstick you wear, apply with a matte finish and make sure to apply a base underneath. With a pencil of the same shade of lipstick, apply the pencil to each part of your lip. If you pass the pencil in the same tone as the lipstick on every part of your lip and apply a colorless light powder on it, you will fix the lip. Any matte lipstick you put on it will save your night without flowing or scattering all night long.

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