Make Your Eyes Look So Much Bigger

In this article, we shared some special tricks to make your eyes look so much bigger with products of Avon Brochure November 2020! If you want to make your eyes look bigger than they are while making makeup, be sure to follow the tips we have listed for you. Here’s the big secret to making eyes look big while wearing makeup!

Use an illuminator

Draw a light-colored highlighter under your eyelids. However, you should avoid applying the pencil too heavily.

Avoid eyeliner

Applying eyeliner to the inside of your lower eyelids always makes your eyes look tired and smaller.

Apply eyeshadow under the brow

After applying the under-eye concealer suitable for your skin color, apply an illuminator eyeshadow in an oval shape under the eyebrows using a brush.

Don’t forget your under-eye!

Do the same on the edges of the under the eye. But there is an important detail to be aware of here. You should not apply the shadow too heavily. It is enough to illuminate your custody with light touches.

Wear false eyelashes

Finally, adding false eyelashes will make the eyes look much bigger. If you don’t need to add eyelashes, define your eyelashes with mascara. Then you can have bigger looking eyes by applying a small amount of mascara on the ends of the eyelashes.

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