Long Lasting Lip Makeup With Avon Products

Today’s topic is about long-lasting lip makeup with Avon Brochure January 2020! Refreshing lipstick is one of the most bored of all of us. Especially when we apply assertive colors such as red and burgundy, our mind is always on our lips. We feel the need to constantly check. You should browse this Avon Catalogue and get your essentials at the lowest prices!

Nude Eye Makeup

Dark-colored lipstick in the days of eye makeup more simple, nude tones is recommended to do. So your lips will be more in the foreground. First of all, Avon Cream Eyeshadow Nude color regulates the unevenness of the eyelids and creates a smooth appearance.

You should complement Nude eye makeup with voluminous eyelashes. Avon 5-in-1 Genius Lash Mascara will change your lashes in one touch. If you are dreaming of bulky and full lashes, we recommend you to give this mascara a chance.

Smooth skin makeup

If you want to create a smooth and matte look in your skin make-up, the Avon True Color Liquid Foundation should be your choice. Apply foundation evenly to face with makeup brush When you prefer assertive colors like red lipstick, you should create a porcelain look in your skin makeup. So your lips will look perfect.

Concealer application time after foundation application. Apply the Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick triangularly under the eye and distribute it with a brush. You’ll love this concealer that makes a great bright effect without the need for powder fixing. See Avon January 2020 Brochure.

Red lipstick that doesn’t need refreshing

Now we’re going to introduce you to one such lipstick that you won’t want to put on any more lipstick. These lipsticks, which look like ink on your lips and don’t move unless you remove it, will soon become your favorite. Avon True Power Stay 16 Hour Lip Color is super intense and super matte. You can drive once and forget about the rest of the day!

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