How To Prevent Heat Damage To Your Hair

In this article, you will see some information tricks about how to prevent heat damage to your hair with Avon Brochure September 2020 | Philippines! You know the importance of sunscreens for your skin, but what about your hair? What problems does the sun cause on hair? Let’s take a look together! Don’t forget to throw a protective product in your beach bag to get soft and healthy hair by protecting your hair and scalp from sun damage!

Why Is It Important?

• Not being protected from the burning heat of the sun; It can cause hair loss, oxidation, dryness, breakage, and deterioration of the protein structure of the hair.
• Color molecules of colored hair are more sensitive. Exposure to the sun causes the hair to oxidize, which causes the color to fade more quickly.
• Sun, salt, and chlorine are among the most important causes of hair damage. Make sure to rinse your hair. Then use a care oil that blocks UV rays, protects against the drying effects of the sun, nourishes, and moisturizes.

Haircare by Avon September 2020 Brochure;

  • Naturals Strand Strength Conditioner
  • Divine Shine Coconut & Acai Berry 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Naturals Complete Recovery Aloe & Chamomile Shampoo
  • Advance Techniques Supreme Oils Shampoo
  • Advance Techniques Miracle Densifier Bodifying Leave-On Treatment
  • Rose Gold Brush And Comb Set
  • Naturals Nourishing & Refreshing Hair Oil
  • Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Shampoo

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