How to Get Thicker Hair

Today’s topic is about How to Get Thicker Hair with Avon Brochure March 2020! If you are someone who has possible fine hair and you always wanted to have thick, fluffy, harmoniously dancing hair, this article is for you. Let’s talk about the pros of having fine hair first. For example, there are great positive aspects such as hair drying too fast or your head does not hurt when you make a ponytail. But on the other hand, thick shiny bushy hair is everyone’s dream. In fact, since this is genetic, many methods may not be very noticeable, but there are certainly useful techniques and we share them with you.

Shampoo and Cream

Invest in Hair Strengthening/thickening shampoo and conditioner. When it comes to your hair, no product containing sulfate is your friend, make a note of it. It is this substance that foams your shampoo and cleans all the oil in your hair, but on the other hand, due to its ability to break down all the oils, it dries your scalp and hair deeply and may even cause irritation such as itching or rash. Therefore, when choosing your shampoo and conditioner, try products that do not contain sulfate, and strengthen hair. Whichever works best for you, continue with it.

Hair Stylers

This may seem obvious, but let’s not go without writing. Hair stylers specially designed to give volume can do wonders for giving thin and thin hair volume. Do not hesitate to invest in a good brand or a good product here too, you will benefit a lot in the long run.

Prominent Waves

I mentioned above how you can give volume by making waves if your hair is straight. If your hair is fine but self-wavy, then it may be very smart to buy curls/wave highlights. These products, which are mostly in the form of cream, will both make your hair more prominent and bright and will add volume instantly.

In the long term, you can take vitamin and nutritional supplements to thicken and strengthen your hair. We are not talking about the x pill you see on Instagram or the blue pills that Kim Kardashian chews. We are talking about the strong supplements of the well-known brands that you can buy in consultation with your doctor.

Various vitamins and proteins that nourish the hair. Therefore, you can buy the product of a brand that you know, and that contains Biotin, Iron, and Vitamin B.

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