How to do clean girl makeup?

How to do clean girl makeup, which is the new trend of TikTok? You can follow these topics to have information about the tricks. Let’s check this Avon Brochure January 2023 and discover the best products for this makeup!

Clean girl make-up is actually a natural, clean and simple make-up. The featured posts on TikTok are intended to look well-groomed while creating a not-so-tried look. In our opinion, the products you should use for this make-up, which will rise a lot especially with the effect of the hot weather in the summer months, are lighter and less concealer than normal. So here are How to do clean girl makeup with Avon Brochure!

First step: Moisturizer

Clean girl makeup would be unthinkable without a dewy skin look, right? It is quite satisfying to see that it is saturated with moisture and looks radiant to prepare your skin for make-up. For a skin that is not dry and does not look oily, it is useful to choose the most suitable moisturizer for your skin. Hundreds of moisturizers are available on Avon Catalogue January 2023. You can easily find what your skin need in AVON!

Concealer only for imperfect areas

If you look tired, it is very important to apply concealer to your under-eyes and acne-prone areas and to leave your skin calm at this step. You will notice that you feel more comfortable thanks to a skin with less product use. If you are looking for a good concealer, you should give a chance to Avon January 2023 Brochure. These are pretty effective items!

Showy eyelashes

One of the most striking things in this make-up should be your eyelashes, which you will get remarkable looks thanks to a wet-finish mascara. The more curled, long and voluminous your eyelashes look, the better, unlike your skin that you have kept plain. But if you wear false eyelashes to achieve this look, you can spoil the simplicity of the make-up.  It is possible to reach many AVON Products for eyes. Browse these products and get them at low prices!

Liquid or cream blush

Indispensable products of natural make-ups are liquid or cream blushes. Liquid or cream blushes are the best choice, especially for those who do not have imperfect skin, as they do not cause a sharp transition and provide a natural finish and integrate with the skin. Since pink blushes are used regardless of summer or winter season, we would choose pink and its tones.


You will not come across lipsticks with a matte finish easily in clean girl make-up. Because one of the most distinctive features of this skin care-based make-up is to make the face look natural whenever possible. For this reason, colorless or colored lip glosses will make your lips look more lively and will make your lips look shiny just like your skin, and will provide integrity with your make-up. There are many good lipgloss and lipsticks on the latest Avon Catalogue. Check it out and find your favorite AVON Products easily!

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