How To Create A Cut Crease Makeup

In this article, you will see useful information about How To Create A Cut Crease with products of Avon Brochure December 2019. One of the most popular makeup trends of recent times was the cut crease makeup trend. We have researched this makeup trend for you, which makes your eyes look deeper and more shaded than it is. If you’re wondering, read our article!

Step 1: Make base on the eyelid

Make up your eyelids before you start making cut crease makeup. In order to compensate for the unevenness of the eyelids and make the next steps look smoother, first, apply the lightest color of the Avon True Color Luminous Glow Makeup Palette to the entire eyelid. Apply the color of the tile on the headlight palette to the outer corners of your eyes and color your eyes a little.

Step 2: Give your eyes a smoky look

Cut crease makeup is often combined with a smoky look. Choose cut crease makeup in earthy tones and a slightly smoky style. After creating a base for his eyes, it was time to add smoky air to his eyes. For this look Apply a dark color on this eyeshadow palette to the lash bottoms with a thin headlight brush. Then distribute this color upwards with the soft-tipped headlight brush. So you get a natural, smoky eye makeup. See this product from Avon December 2019 Brochure.

Step 3: Cut crease makeup

Cut crease makeup is actually intended to create a false eyelid. After the eye make-up and eyelid using a sharp line by using the eye concealer should give a shaded appearance to your eyes. Don’t worry, this won’t be as difficult as you think.

First, apply the thin concealer on the eyelid with a flat brush. You should create an image that cuts the eyelid. Fix the concealer with the lightest color of the Avon True Color Luminous Glow Makeup Palette. You have to use your fingers to do this, so you get a more effective result. To give your eyes a more natural and distinctive appearance, apply the tile color on the eye shadow palette to the outer corner of the eyes and distribute them in round movements over the eyelid. Check this item from Avon Catalogue December 2019.

Step 4: Make your lashes stand out

The most effective step that reveals eye makeup is the application of mascara. All-day long eyelashes will not drop, to gain volume and length with mascara to reveal the lashes.

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