How to Choose The Shower Gel

In this article, we researched how to choose the shower gel that suits you. We forget that our body’s skin is different and has different needs. Read this article and use the ideal shower gel for your skin type! Also, Avon Brochure June 2020 has many great products and offers. We shared this with you. By the way, Avon has shower gel for all skin types. So do not forget to browse Avon products after these recommendations!

Dry Skin;

When choosing a body wash product for dry skin, it is more accurate to prefer creamy ones over other gels. Creamy shower gels are generally more gentle for dry skin and do not easily dry out the skin as they do not contain soap. Prefer ingredients that care and moisturize the skin, such as olive oil, aloe vera, or honey.

Matte Skin;

When your skin needs regeneration, these 3 factors gain much more importance; drink plenty of water. Second, purify. Third, moisten it. Regular cleansing cleanses your skin from dead cells and removes dullness. Dry brushing is very useful for healthy skin. Try gently dry brushing to increase your blood circulation as you start the day in the morning. For a revitalizing feel, choose a body wash gels with delicate cleansers with extracts like peppermint and raspberry.

Sensitive Skin

Overdried skin, allergies, or eczema are common issues for those with sensitive skin. First of all, stay away from creams and washing gels that have a heavy odor and pay attention to words like creamy, sensitive, or softener when choosing your products. Carefully purify your skin and choose natural, pH balancing ingredients.

Oily Skin

With so much talk about oils, you think that the extra oil your skin produces is beneficial. But if you don’t take care of the skin properly, your skin may produce blisters or pimples you don’t want. Many people with oily skin tend to over-clean their skin and generally prefer products that contain alcohol. But this increases the skin’s oil production. So choose a product that moisturizes well but does not lubricate.

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