How to Choose the Right Bronzer

Time to discover how to choose the right bronzer with Avon Brochure October 2020! You can always use bronzer to make your skin look bronze and healthier. World-renowned brands have launched the most preferred cosmetic product bronzer in recent years in various colors.

So how is bronzer applied to the skin? What should be considered when applying bronzer? Which color bronzer is applied to which skin type? You can find the answers to your questions in the details of our news.

Bronzer, which is bronzing powders, is a cosmetic product used to give the skin a bronze appearance. Bronzer, which gives a natural bronze appearance used in both summer and winter months in recent years, will be the ideal choice not only for professional make-up days but also for ordinary make-up. The bronzer, which helps to define the lines of the face, plays a big role in the clarification of the cheekbones.

In addition to giving tan to the skin, bronzer, which you can use to the size, shade, and warm the skin color, should be applied with a round and plump soft-tipped brush. Small brushes cause disproportionate distribution so an unnatural result can be obtained. It should be applied by spreading a small amount with a brush that is suitable for the face and has a soft structure. You can find the answers to all your questions about bronzer, which has recently become popular in addition to make-up materials.

Bronzer Selection According to Skin Color;

Fair skin: Peach tones bronzer is suitable for fair skins. Brown sub-toned products should be preferred to avoid an orange appearance. For blondes, it is recommended to use honey color and pinkish hues.

Wheat skin: Earth tone bronzers are suitable. A color that is too dark and too bright should not be chosen. Copper-toned bronzer can also be preferred to avoid a dirty look.

Dark Skin: Chocolate-colored products are suitable for dark and dark skins.

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