How to Camouflage Acne

Let’s discover today’s useful tips about How to Camouflage Acne with Avon Brochure August 2020! If you wake up in the morning and encounter a tiny red intruder on your face, don’t stress. We’ve collected tips on camouflage acne for you.

Permanent Start

After applying your moisturizer to your face, apply a small amount of transparent powder to the acne area. This step will increase the permanence of the products you use and add dullness to the area.

Color Equality

Correctors serve to neutralize unwanted skin colors. For acne that stands out with its red color, choose a green-toned corrector and rub the product on the pimple with your finger.

Full Concealer

Concealers with more concentrated formulas are perfect for pinpoint camouflage. However, in this step, use a product that is colored with your skin, not lighter than your skin. Because light tones highlight the area where it is applied, and we do not want this situation for already protruding acne. See True Color Flawless Concealer Stick on page 9 of this Avon Catalogue August 2020.

Smooth Finish

After you have camouflaged your acne with concealer, you can proceed to the foundation step if you want. However, the detail you need to pay attention to at this point is to use a matte finish product on acne. Because, like light tones, products with moist finishes also bring out the light and shadows and reveal the 3-dimensional texture more.

Matte Finish

If you do not want to use a foundation or do not have a matte foundation, you can still get help from your powder as the last step. You can make your acne invisible by achieving a full matte finish with a filter-effect product that you will apply on the concealer or a powder that you will mix into your foundation.

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