How Do Porcelain Skin Makeup With Avon Products

Wondering how do porcelain skin makeup with Avon Products? Then you’re in the right place! Everybody wants to have flawless skin like porcelain! To hide the imperfections of skin color, acne scars, and pore appearance, you should take a look at this article where we tell you the tips of porcelain make-up to achieve a perfect skin appearance!

Balanced Skin

The secret of perfect skin make-up is in preparation! You should start to make up with some makeup that will reduce the appearance of the pore by equalizing the skin tone. Avon Magix will help Prime Face Perfector. In addition to preparing skin for make-up, it also reduces glare on the skin. The glow in it helps you achieve a balanced skin tone and gives it a light glow that we love. In the meantime, if your skin has color inequalities, you can get help from colored concealers.

Perfect skin makeup

Use your foundation as a foundation with a high permanence and concealer foundation. You can prefer Avon True Power 24 Hour Stay Foundation. Apply the foundation to your skin with spots and distribute it evenly across your face with the help of your fingers or makeup brush. Browse for this product on Avon Brochure December 2019!

In the next step, you can apply Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick to get bright and flawless under-eye. Despite its thin structure, it hides the flaws very well. At this stage, you can opt for Avon MagiX HD finish powder. Powder, under the eye with the help of make-up brushes with buffered movements, will be enough to apply.

Final touches

Apply the brightener on the cheekbones, the nasal bone and the lips for strobing, one of the latest trendy make-up techniques. The light texture of Avon Glow Liquid Illuminator gives you a natural glow on your skin.

You can add clarity to your eyelashes while completing your porcelain skin makeup. Use the Avon True Color 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara for volume, long and dense black eyelashes! Apply mascara from the lash bottoms to the ends of the eyelashes with zigzag movements, and don’t forget the lower lashes. This action will prevent the lashes from sticking to each other and you will get fullness from bottom to end. Finally, complete your makeup with lip balm. With its soft texture and flawless color, Avon Shiny Liquid Lip Gloss is a good choice from Avon December 2019 Brochure.

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