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Today’s topic is about hand care with products of Avon Brochure November 2021! Hundreds of useful hand care products are on sale with awesome deals now! You should take a look at this Avon Catalogue and get the best at low prices this month! Here u go!

One of the most effective ways to protect us against viruses and bacteria is to wash our hands frequently. Especially since viruses are not in a fully living form by their nature, they survive by clinging to a living tissue and can be killed with soap and water. For this reason, it is important to soap our hands for at least 20 seconds and to repeat this process frequently during the day. However, when we apply it frequently, we also need to moisturize our hands frequently. If you are looking for a good hand care products, you should view Avon Catalogue November 2021. There are many quality products here.

What are the harms of disinfectants on our hands?

The shortest way to wear our hands is undoubtedly disinfectants. Disinfectants cause abrasions, blisters and eczema on our hands. Fortunately, we don’t want to wear out our hands quickly. So the less we need disinfectants, the better.
In these days when the virus pandemic threatens the world, we attack every cleaner we find in a panic. Although we clean our hands with soap and water, we think that we increase the protection by using disinfectant on them. However, the correct use is to use disinfectant in places where we have limited access to soap and water.

AVON Hand Care Products;

  • Naturals Papaya & Soy Milk Hand & Body Lotion 750 ml, P279
  • Avon Care Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap 500ml, P229
  • SSS Kojic Hand and Body Lotion 250 ml, P299
  • Avon Care Derma Recovery+ Hand & Body Lotion 400 ml, P309
  • Avon Care Antibacterial Ethyl Alcohol, P69
  • Naturals Papaya & Soy Milk Hand & Body Lotion 200 ml, P99
  • Avon Care Antibacterial Set, P249
  • Avon Care Derma Recovery+ Hand & Body Lotion 250 ml, P139
  • Naturals Green Papaya & Calamansi Hand & Body Lotion 200 ml, P179
  • Avon Care Antibacterial Sanitizng Gel, P69

Which moisturizer is suitable for frequently washed hands?

Washing our hands frequently causes them to crack and wear over time. Not to mention the formation of eczema. Increasing our handwashing habit is a positive thing, but this habit should not cause handwashing. That’s it for this; Using restorative hand care products with a high moisturizing value and high oil content, favoring naturalness, will provide an appropriate care. Care must be taken to ensure that the moisturizing cream used is special for the hands. In this way, much more effective maintenance will take place. Let’s check out the Avon November 2021 Brochure PDF and see the best moisturizers and hand care at low prices!

How to care for hands?

The most important and primary issue when caring for hands is the use of moisturizing hand cream. However, before using the hand cream, we must make sure that we apply all the helpful cares. First of all, we have to complete our manicure procedures. We may need to use special products to soften the meat on our nail edges, we should not neglect this. After giving a nice care with warm water, we should dry our hands and then apply our intensive moisturizing care cream to our hands by massaging.

Moisturizing skin care creams;

During our stay at home, our orientation towards our personal care has also increased. The time we spend in the shower, the care we apply to our skin, the care we show for our nails… It is very important to moisturize our skin during this period when we can devote most of our time to ourselves. Our skin deserves a care applied from the inside out. We can start our personal care by first paying attention to our nutrition.

AVON Hand Moisturizers;

  • Skin So Soft Perfectly Even with 99% Kojic + SPF 6 Hand and Body Lotion 250 ml, P189
  • SSS Kojic Hand And Body Lotion 400ml, P349
    Skin So Soft Radiance + SPF 15 with Glutathione Hand and Body Lotion 250 ml, P189
  • Avon Care Hydrating Body Milk Limited Edition Valentine Giftable Hand & Body Lotion 400 mL, P299
  • SSS Ultra Glutathione With Vita C Hand And Body Lotion 400ml, P399
  • Avon Care Hydrating Body Milk Hand and Body Lotion 750ml, P399
  • Skin So Soft Ultra Radiance with 4x Glutathione Hand and Body Lotion 250 ml, P199

So here are some information about Hand Care with AVON November 2021 Brochure. Also, you can go to the home page and see more offers and tips here. And, you should view the category page and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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