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Today’s topic is about Hand Care Secrets and products of Avon Brochure February 2020! So the earliest and least careful part of our skin is our hands. Our hands mostly determine our personal care and age. We shares the secrets of keeping our hands young and well-groomed for years, just like our face, with the readers of buseterim.com.tr. Hands are the parts of our body that are in contact with the external environment most frequently, which are affected by environmental factors, the earliest aging and always neglected. Our hands have an important role in our daily, social and business life as it is an exposed and visible area just like our face.

Our hands mostly show our personal care and age. Therefore, they expect special attention, especially with the cold weather that starts in the winter. In hand care, we may need to change our daily habits first. We should make it a habit to use gloves when going out in cold weather in winter, and to use sunscreen cream regularly in summer.

While washing hands, warm water should be used regardless of the season, and excessive hot and cold water should be avoided. You can choose an antibacterial soap that does not dry out the skin while choosing a cleanser. Remember that your hands lose moisture with every wash, avoid washing hands too often. Always dry your hands thoroughly after each wash.

Care Products From Avon Catalog February 2020;

If you have to use detergents and chemicals that can irritate the skin during your career or daily life, always wear protective gloves with cotton inside and rubber outside. In addition to its moisturizing content, it is helpful to use barrier creams that form a covering on the top layer of the skin. Barrier creams will prevent harmful chemicals, such as invisible, transparent gloves, from coming into contact with the skin. Failure to protect the skin in a timely manner may cause it to dry out, crack, and rather irritating skin conditions such as eczema.

So here are care products of Avon February 2020 Brochure. For a preview of Avon Brochure March 2020, you should regularly visit us and follow us on Facebook!


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