Good Summer Makeup with Avon Brochure July 2019

Are you ready to make a great summer makeup with the latest products of Avon Brochure July 2019? It’s time for make-up using vivid colors! If you have a plan for a hot summer evening and think about how to do makeup, you will love this make-up that you can make with Avon Brochure July 2019’s new products!

This summer, your options have increased with the new added foundation and color varieties to the Avon family. Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion will easily equalize your skin tone. It will also make your face look flawless despite its slim structure. These features are sufficient reasons to be among the most popular foundation. Moreover, when you buy it at P799, you will get Gradient Wristlet FREE. You can check it out on page 14 of Avon Catalog July 2019.Avon Brochure July 2019

Avon True Color Flawless Concealer is one of the favorite concealers this summer. This product, despite its slim structure, closes the eyes in a wonderful way. It has proved to be a very useful product with a natural posture. You can also apply a baking application with Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder to fix this concealer. Its structure is soft and closes our eyes so well that your makeup never breaks despite the summer heat.

Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder

If you need powder fixation after applying concealer under the eyes, you should do this with a fine powder. Thanks to the thin structure of the Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder, it does not put any weight under the eyes, you should try it! For more details about this, you should browse on page 19 of Avon Brochure July 2019.

Avon Mark. Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Eyeshadow Palette with glittering and golden shades can be a great choice in eye makeup. First, apply a light shimmering cream-colored shadow to the entire eye to form a base. Then give your eyelid a warm glow but a ton of dark light. Then shade the outer corners with a metallic brown tone. Apply the same brown eyeshadow to the bottom of the lower eyelashes, creating a misty effect. Sizes the golden metallic shadow by placing it in the center of your eyelids. Thus, your eye makeup will adapt to the hot summer evenings.

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