Foot Care Guide with Avon July Brochure 2020

Time to check out special tips about foot care with Avon Brochure July 2020! Feet deserve more care. You can get more healthy feet in a few steps with this Foot Care Guide! Let’s check this article in detail and check out this Avon Catalog. Foot baths are not only relaxing but also great for making your feet look good. Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes.

Nail File

Remove rough and hard skin with a nail file or pumice stone. The places to be filed are usually under the heels and under the thumb. When the hard skin softens, you can use a foot cleaner that removes dead skin cells. After the footbath, you should moisten it to prevent cracks in your feet. Many of our foot creams can help you with this.

Foot Care Products from Avon July 2020 Brochure;

  • Foot Works Lavender Comfort Foot Soak
  • Cracked Heel Relief Cream
  • Foot Works Deodorizing Foot Powder

Cut Your Nails;

Cut your nails properly and leave the little white part on the tip. Then soften the edges slightly soften. After your nail file, paint your nails. Do not forget to apply top coat nail polish to keep the color longer. In the summer, our feet can smell. But there are products that save this situation. Be sure to meet our refreshing, invigorating foot sprays and spend the summer much more comfortable! One of these products is Foot Works Deodorizing Foot Powder. Must try!

Here is a food care guide with Avon July 2020 Brochure. If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, or tips, you can visit the main page. Also, you should follow us on Twitter and Youtube to be the first who checks the latest Avon Catalogue in the Philippines.

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