Find Your Favorite Summer Fragrance with Avon!

Now is the best time to find your favourite summer fragrance with Avon Brochure August 2022. The sense of smell is the closest of our senses. It directly affects the limbic system in the brain.

Favorite Summer Fragrance with Avon

We often associate many happy memories with summer. Fragrances can protect them forever! On a gloomy gray rainy day, this perfume from last summer immediately gives us a feeling of light, carefree, light and warm days.

Tips for using your new summer fragrance!

Best time to apply perfume: Right after shower. Due to body heat, skin and hair absorb odors particularly well.

The drier the skin, the harder it is to absorb the aromas. A pre-applied neutral, moisturizing lotion enhances the longevity of the fragrance.

In the summer, spray once or twice on the knee pits or the folds of the arms. Fragrance can develop well in these pulse points and they are more protected from the sun than the neck and décolleté.

Refresh the scent throughout the day with appropriate body sprays or lighter eau de toilette.

Pocket sprays and 30ml bottles are a space-saving option to take with you on vacation or on the go.

Favorite scents can be very well integrated into the morning and evening ritual. A mood-enhancing fragrance before you leave the house serves as a prelude to the day, and in the evening, another sensual scent puts you in the perfect mood for the end of the day.

Fragrances should be stored in a relatively cool, dark and dry place. Therefore, the bathroom is not an ideal place. A storage room protected from light in the bedroom and cabinets and drawers is more suitable.

The Best AVON Fragrances of the Season!

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