Everything You Need to Know for Natural and Matte Skin Makeup

Matte and natural skin makeup are one of the rising makeup trends of recent years. Not only because it is a trend, but because it makes the skin look smoother and more natural, we love matte makeup. Although oily skin loves matte skin makeup, those who have dry skin like us can do matte skin makeup. When using the right products, matte makeup will not dry out the skin, it will look bright and matte at the same time. How to make natural matte makeup? What are matte makeup products? We explain what you need to know about dull and natural makeup with products of Avon Brochure October 2019.

Mat base selection

Matt and at the same time will not show dull skin, natural makeup if you want to find the right makeup base. I think we found some make-up base that prevents skin glare and makes your makeup look natural!

If you’re looking for some makeup based on your skin imperfections and needs, you should meet Avon’s Mark series as soon as possible. Avon Magix Face Primer was the most useful one in this series. In order to hide the pores in the nose edges and forehead region, we apply this makeup base equally to our T region and then to our entire face. If you want to get this product, you should contact your Avon representative!

Matte and natural complexion products

Matte and natural skin make-up when you said you need to choose the right makeup. A few hours later, instead of glare to make sure that the foundation of your products should be matte skin.

Avon Mark Nude Matte Fluid Makeup SPF 20 is at the top of our matte foundation list, where we are 100% confident in our matting. Thanks to the slim structure of Avon Mark Nude Matte Fluid Makeup SPF 20, the natural finish on the skin and the incredible formula that hides all of our skin imperfections, our hand goes first when we say matte makeup. The matte foundation must be completed with a matte finish. Use the Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick for non-closing skin imperfections and color unevenness after applying foundation. Apply the concealer to the edges of the nose and under the eye. See on page 64 of Avon Brochure October 2019.

Fix matte makeup

Matte makeup does not shine how much the foundation of the talent depends on the choice of powder. The powder you use should have a matte finish, but should not have a molding effect on your face. It is not impossible to find a powder that is too thin to accumulate in the mimic lines and is effective enough to stabilize your makeup all day long, we have already found it!

Avon True Setting Powder makes our makeup look stable and matte all day long. We sometimes prefer this just to fix our under the eyes and sometimes to give a matte appearance to the whole complexion. Thanks to the transparent powder, there is no color change in our skin make-up.

Where is natural matte makeup used?

Natural and matte makeup styles we like to use most weekend. We use simple makeup models to look fresh and modern in dating. We make natural and matte skin makeup to hide our skin imperfections while looking simple and look smoother than we are.

In matte and natural make-up, you should try to put your eyes to the forefront by simply filling your eyelash bottoms instead of making eye makeup intensely. One layer of mascara and nude lipstick on the lashes! You’re ready.

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