Do You Know Your Ideal Eyebrow Model?

In this article, you will see your ideal eyebrow model with eyebrow products of Avon Brochure February 2020! Many of us have sacrificed our eyebrows in order to comply with the trends, and then we had to wait a long time to fix them. So how should the ideal eyebrow be? Which eyebrow model suits which face?

1. Which eyebrow model is suitable for which face type?

The classic formula suitable for each face is that the first two-thirds of the eyebrow is inclined upwards, the one-third outer part is slightly downward and the inner point at the inner is lower than the outer endpoint. It is ideal for people with round faces to have sharp angled eyebrows, those with oval faces to have slightly angled eyebrows, long-faced people to have flat eyebrows, and people with square or angled faces to have bow-shaped eyebrows.

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2. Ideal eyebrow tricks

The ideal starting point of the eyebrow is where the continuation of a straight line drawn from the edge of the mouth to the tip of the nose will come inside the eyebrow, and the continuation of a straight line extending from the nose wing to the outer edge of the eye should correspond to the point where the eyebrow ends. It should also be remembered that the closer the eyebrow is to the eye, the larger the eye will look.

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