Concealer Tips to Make Your Makeup Easier

Check out concealer tips to make your makeup easier with Avon Brochure September 2021! We shared this catalogue because you will find everything you need while you are applying these steps! Read it and follow concealer tips to make your makeup easier!

First of all, concealer is one of the main materials that should be in our makeup bag. There are points you need to pay attention to to see how you will look natural while using the concealer. Concealers not only cover redness, blackheads or under-eyes, they can also be used as illuminators. Let’s see concealer tips to make your makeup easier with AVON!

1- You should apply the foundation first and then the concealer.

If you are not used to using concealer or if you are going to use it for the first time, your order should be like this. Because the amount of concealer applied will be reduced thanks to the foundation. On the other hand, if you apply the concealer first, you will have removed and erased most of the foundation while applying it. If you need an effective cleansers, you should check out Avon Products from Avon Catalogue September 2021!

2- The concealer you apply to your detentions is very important.

Foundation is as important as concealer and powder. First of all, the reason why concealers are used is dark detentions. At this point, the most important thing is to keep it as natural as possible. For this, you should apply the concealer in the form of a triangle and distribute it. In this way, you can both hide dark circles and create a raised reflection on your face to make it look more vigorous and healthy.

3- Apply concealer to your eyelids before using eyeshadow.

If you apply a few drops of concealer to your eyelids before applying your eyeshadow, you can prevent your eyeshadow from scattering and filling with fine lines. By the way, many special eyeshadows can be browsable on Avon September 2021 Brochure PDF! View it in detail and get the best!

4- Can foundation be used instead of concealer?

This can provide a short-term solution, although not always. You just need to pay attention. After applying a small amount to the area you want to cover, let it dry a little, then spread it lightly with your finger. The trick at this point is to wait. In this way, the concealer will get a thick consistency and its holding will increase. Otherwise, the foundation will have less coverage.

5- Apply concealer to make your eyes look natural and good.

First of all, you can apply a concealer lighter than your own skin tone to 3 areas to create beautiful eyes. You can apply this to the middle part of your eyelid, just below your brow bone and to the inner V part of your eyes. This will add shine and clarity to your eyes. You should try Avon concealer for natural look! Not only concealer, but also many good facial makeup are waiting for you on Avon September 2021 Catalogue!

6- For dark under eyes, apply orange or peach concealer.

These shades are much better concealer for under-eye circles with blue undertones. While applying to the detentions with your finger, you can apply it by making light touches only on the required part.

7- Be sure to know what concealers in different shades do.

If there is a peach tone in it, it will better cover the blues of the skin and the dark circles under your eyes. If green tones are involved, acne etc. While it covers the red spots better, yellow tones are effective in equalizing the whole skin color.

8- Mix eye cream and foundation into your concealer to cover puffy eyes.

You should definitely not apply close-to-white concealer. This brings out the eye puffiness even more. You should not define your detentions with a light-toned concealer. The type of concealer you need to do is to mix the eye cream and foundation and apply it to the under-eyes and brow bone.

9- Concealers are very successful to hide your eyeliner mistakes.

If you have made an eyeliner makeup with a tail and want to hide the mistakes, it will be enough to take some concealer on an angled thin brush tip and apply it to the area you want to correct. This is an easier process than removing the eyeliner and doing it all over again. You may need a good concealer for this step. So you prefer Avon Concealers! You must view the latest Avon Catalogue and get the best!

10- You can also use concealer to hide your lipstick mistakes.

You can edit the overflow or errors that may occur especially after the use of red lipstick with the help of a fine-tipped brush and concealer, just like with eyeliner.

Here are concealer tips to make your makeup easier with the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines! You check out the home page to see more beauty tips and reviews of Avon Products!

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