Color Correcting Makeup

Today, our topic is about Color Correcting Makeup with Avon Brochure July 2020! Color Correcting Makeup is a concealer technique originally used by professional makeup artists for years. The essence of the work is based on equalization by neutralizing the skin irregularities using contrasting hues.

Who needs Color Correcting Makeup?

Anyone who has tone inequality, dark spots, redness, sun spots, or acne marks on their skin can apply skin tone sync makeup. Thus, you can achieve a more beautiful skin appearance by equalizing the color or tone differences on your skin.

The essence of the technique is based on the use of contrasting colors in the color wheel. The mutual colors on the color wheel are equalized by neutralizing each other. For example, green equals red, orange blue and yellow equals purple. So, you need a concealer green shade to remove a rash on your skin.

How should we apply Color Correcting products?

First of all, you should find the right product! You will need a product that will work for you all year round with its perfect working colors.

First, you should prepare your skin for makeup with a moisturizer. After your skin gets the moisture it needs, apply some powder to the tip of the brush by rubbing your brush on your powder and start applying by lightly stroking your skin. Then, lightly press the product onto your skin with your fingertips. At the last stage, apply your foundation and mix your powder and foundation together by softening the transitions with the help of a moist makeup sponge.

So what tone should we use?

Green hues, as we mentioned earlier, cover redness and irritated areas. Purple hues help you cover old wounds and age spots. For slight redness and under-eye bruises, you will need a yellow shade. If you wish, you can lighten the bluish look under your eyes with orange tones.

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