Choosing Lipstick Color by Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect lipstick can be harder than you think so we shared a good guide to choosing lipstick color by your skin tone with Avon Brochure July 2021 Philippines! If the color you choose is in the right tone, it will help your skin look lively and even reveal your eye color.

To choose the right colors, you need to consider your skin and undertone. After that, the first thing you need to do is to prepare your lips for lipstick.

AVON Lip Balm

In order for the lipstick you use to be applied properly and not to be flaky, you need to prepare your lips for make-up just like your skin. Try exfoliating for this. You can prepare a peeling at home by mixing honey and granulated sugar. Gently rub your lips with this mixture. If you don’t have enough time, you can also gently brush your lips with a clean and wet toothbrush.

Of course it didn’t end there. After peeling, you need to soften your lips and make the lipstick spread easily. Avon Lip balm will help you with this process.

Its special content takes care of dry and chapped lips by trapping moisture. It provides you with soft lips all day long. Now you can proceed to color selection and application. Let’s view Avon July 2021 Brochure pdf and see a wide range of lip products!

Color Selection

Very light skin: If you prefer a light-colored lipstick; baby pink is the right choice for you. For a dark tone, you can turn to dark reds. This will create contrast with your white skin and even accentuate your eyes. Colors that are not for you are beige and brown tones. A wide range of colors for lip sticks can be found on Avon Catalogue July 2021. You should browse them!

Light skin: Usually, dark colors are used for a light skin tone to separate the lips and skin, but this time try to combine the color of your skin and lips. Pink close to beige, undertones of pink are great choices for those with fair skin tones.

Medium-light skin: Caramel and brown tones darker than your skin will help increase the warmth of your skin tone.

Bronze skin: If you have bronze skin and light hair color, you can turn to nude colors in bright tones. If your hair is also dark, warm browns and beige lip glosses will be the right options for you to soften it up a bit.

Dark skin: Mother-of-pearl lipsticks lighter than your skin color will help you achieve a perfect look. Dark reds and burgundy are among the colors you should not go for.

As you can apply anytime during the day, make sure to use Avon Lip Balm before makeup, after removing your makeup and before going to sleep.

Here is a good guide to Choosing Lipstick Color by Your Skin Tone with Avon Brochure July 2021! For more deals and products, visit the home page. And, check out the category page and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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