Care Tips for Dry Lips

Time to see care tips for dry lips with Avon Brochure March 2021! If your lips are constantly drying and cracking, you might be making a mistake somewhere. Here are lip care tips for more vibrant, healthy and shiny lips!

We shared care recommendations for plump and shiny lips against the problems of lip dryness and cracks that increased with the use of masks during the pandemic period.

Care tips for dry lips:

Brush your lips regularly with a soft toothbrush. Thus, you cleanse the dead skin.

Dark or matte lipsticks can cause the lips to dry faster. When you are going to use matte and / or dark lipstick, especially in winter, use a lip balm before lipstick. There are many special lip care products on Avon March 2021 Catalogue! See them in detail and get your needs at low prices!

Peppermint oil helps moisturize your lips. You can regularly massage your lips with peppermint oil. Thus, your lips will look more lively.

Drinking water is of great importance for health. However, it is more important to drink plenty of water, especially if you have a dry lip problem. Because the lack of water in the body can cause dry skin and wear on the lips.

Regularly using moisturizing herbal oils for your lips, weekly peeling and mask applications also help prevent dryness on your lips.

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Here are Care Tips for Dry Lips with Avon Catalogue March 2021! See the home page for more Avon Products, deals, and beauty tips. Also, you can follow us on Youtube! Thus, you can see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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