Brontouring Makeup Trend

Today’s topic is about Brontouring Makeup Trend with Avon Brochure September 2020 Philippines! Although the fresh and bare skin trend is on the rise, we haven’t been able to give up the contour trend yet. However, the contour habit, which adapted to the make-up trends of the season, got rid of its sharp lines with its natural appearance and gained a softer and vague form.

Now, bronzers, which are a must for summer make-up, allow you to hit two birds with one stone using the brontouring technique. With this technique where you will apply the natural contour application with your bronzer, you are shaping your facial contours and giving your skin a kiss from the sun. However, there are a few points to be aware of when applying brontouring.

Your bronzer should not be too warm or too cold for this application. You should choose a product that is cool enough to shade according to your skin color, but warm enough not to give your face a dirty look.

You should choose the product you will apply brontouring not from silvery textures but with matte or satin finishes so that you get a more natural look and a more effective styling.

Unfortunately, the Brontouring technique is not very suitable for nose and neck contours. This technique is used to thin your face while warming your skin color. Therefore, you can apply brontouring by blending the product around your forehead and up your cheek cavities with a large soft brush. You can give the impression of natural suntan with a light touch on the bridge of the nose.

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