Bigger Plumper Lips using only Makeup!

View good tricks about bigger plumper lips using only makeup with Avon Brochure April 2021! It is no longer a dream to have full lips that attract attention! Moreover, you will get the full lips you want without the need for difficult plastic surgery.

In this context, for you; We investigated how to make lip plumping with make-up. In our article; You can find lip plump lipstick, how to plump the upper lip, lip plump exfoliation, lip plumping products and more.

Makeup tricks to plump lips

In the process of plumping lips with make-up, it is absolutely necessary to consider the methods adopted by professional make-up artists. The important point here is; We can say that it is the application of the right techniques and colors. With make-up, you can fill the lips with the following methods:


The most important feature of the lips is that they dry quickly. For this reason, peeling the lips is vital in terms of appearance. Looking beautiful even without make-up on the lips; It depends on whether it is smooth or not dry. In order to get rid of the dead skin on the lips, you should definitely not neglect the peeling care. For this, you should choose peeling containing sugar.

You can apply the peeling process with a brush soaked in water with a soft tip. When applying peeling to your lips, you need to move the brush in a circular motion. As a result of this application; The crusting dead skin on your lips gradually plump lips. In addition, as a result of this process, blood circulation in your lips is also realized. We recommend peeling and brushing before make-up.


The moisturizing process plays an important role in make-up. The most important rules of make-up; cleanse the face from dirt and apply moisturizer. Applying moisturizer; You can revitalize dull, dried lips. Many lip gloss and lip moisturizers are available on Avon April 2021 Brochure. Check them and get favorite products at low prices!


Among the make-up tricks applied to plump lips, there is also the neutralization process. With the neutralization process; You can eliminate the natural line on the lips. The neutralization process takes place by applying the concealer, which is the same as the skin color, on the lips. The important thing here is to cover the entire lip line. After this application, you will have created a brand new wide lip line yourself.


Your lips with contouring application; you can make it voluminous, plump. You can make the area stand out by applying a dark tone under the cheekbones. Also, you can contour your lips and make them look remarkably plump. In the contouring process you will make to make the lips look plump, you should use bronzers with cold undertones. Avon bronzers are on sale now with good deals. See Avon April 2021 Brochure pdf and discover the best prices!

Apply a light contour on the upper lip, that is, the part between the nose and lip. Do the same to the area under the natural crease of your lower lip. Then try to destroy the borders. As a result of this process, a fuzzy shadow should be formed. The resulting shade makes the lips look natural and gives them swelling.


We can say that the important points for the face contour are also permeable in the lighting process. Illuminator should be applied to the highest parts of the lips and face. Apply powder or cream illuminator to the pointed areas of the upper lip; You can make the lips both big and raised. You can also distribute the illuminator in the same contour style. This process will make your lips appear plump and shiny.

Lip Pencil

Lip liner should be chosen according to the shades of the lipstick. Nude-toned lipsticks make lips look plump. There are a number of rules for lip liner used to plump lips. While drawing with a lip pencil; You need to base the natural line of your lips. Just go a little above the natural lip line and surround your lips with a pencil. To make lips look fuller, choose a shade of lipstick. With the pencil alone, be careful that the color tone of the lipstick does not differ much. To gain a natural look with the application of lip pencil; You can distribute the pen using the brush or your fingertip. It is possible to find good lip pencils on this Avon Catalogue.


Apply the lipstick in the lip frame. Nude shades make lips look a little fuller compared to dark colors. In order to give fullness to the lips; You can contour your lips by using light and dark lipsticks of 2 different colors. Depending on the lipstick you have applied, you can apply other lipstick in slightly lighter tones in the middle of the lip. After the application, you can distribute the lipstick and make the lips plump. Current Avon Brochure is full of special lipsticks. Check them and get the most popular ones!

Lip Gloss

After applying lipstick, you can apply transparent lip gloss on your lips. Choosing brighteners containing mint and cinnamon will make the lip plumping process more effective with make-up. See Avon Catalogue April 2021 and buy your favorite one at low prices!

Here are some tips on Bigger Plumper Lips using only Makeup with Avon April 2021 Catalogue. For more Avon products, offers, and tips visit the home page. Also, follow us on Youtube and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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