Best Order of Skincare Products

In this article, we shared the best order of skincare products with Avon Brochure July 2020 Philippines! It is extremely important to apply the right products to your skin, which is your most important clothing, in the correct order. You should definitely add products suitable for your skin structure to your care routine every day.

For the best results, you need to pay attention to the order. After choosing the products you use according to your skin structure, you should use them regularly every day. When you apply these products in the correct order, you can see the effect on your skin in the best way.

Here is the Best Order of Skincare Products!

First of all, cleaning comes. You should apply the cleaning product (gel, foam, micellar water, etc.) suitable for your skin in the morning and evening. You should clean your skin by massaging with circular movements. If you have makeup, you should first remove it.

After cleansing your pores deeply with the cleaning process, you should use the tonic product to tighten the pores opened. You should choose a product that is suitable for your skin, and be careful to be non-alcoholic.

If you have problems like acne on your skin, you can use products for it at this stage. Or you can apply the mask that meets the needs of your skin that you apply weekly, and the peeling that allows the removal of dead skin.

The next step comes to the serum. Again, according to the needs of your skin, it is anti-aging, contains vitamin c, etc. you can apply the serum. Serums will be more effective at night due to the skin that renews twice as fast at night.

Whether you use a serum or not, you should do the moisturizing phase. You should apply moisturizer suitable for your skin in the morning and evening. You should moisten your eyes and lips by not forgetting.

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