BB and CC Creams

Today’s topic is about BB and CC creams from Avon Brochure February 2020! They make our life easier in the hustle and bustle of the day with instant solutions and skin improvement features. So what is the difference between them and you know which one is used and when? We answer the most asked about them. The fast lifestyle we are in allows us to need quick solutions to revitalize our skin. Favorite concealer in recent years is BB and CC creams. Let’s start by learning its features.

BB Cream:

These magic two letters, known as Beauty Balm, turned women’s makeup habits upside down. Fortunately, the days when we had to deal with a makeup that was doomed to flow through the day because of the foundation applied after the moisturizer, BB creams came into our lives. We can qualify BB creams as tinted moisturizers. It is the ingenuity of BB creams to provide both the moisture requirement and the concealing of the skin with a single product without applying on top of each other. With the added spectrum protection factor that protects the skin from the sun rays, the popularity of BB creams has started to increase day by day.

CC Cream:

CC creams, which come to the fore with skin tone equalization, have a lighter texture. It is possible to cover areas that are difficult to hide, even with foundation, such as skin problems, rashes and sunspots, with CC creams. Although it varies according to the brand, BB provides moderate humidity compared to creams. If you are looking for a good cc cream, you must check out the current Avon Catalog.


You can use a foundation brush or make-up sponge when applying BB and CC Creams. It will be easier to adjust the density when applying with a brush. Then you can choose the sponge to feed it on your skin.

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