Avon True Power Stay Lip Color

Let’s see Avon True Power Stay Lip Color from Avon Brochure November 2020! There are some rules we all have to follow lately. Mask, distance, and hygiene are the most important of them. On the other hand, we love makeup! This is where all the products in the Power Stay family come into play. Even if you wear a mask with non-smudging formulas, your make-up remains as it was first done.

Avon True Power Stay Lip Color

This lipstick, which is much lighter than any lipstick but also much more permanent, is the new member of the Power Stay family! It is permanent for up to 10 hours, moves with the lips to prevent it from dispersing during the day, so there is no flow or contamination. You can find the most suitable color for your skin color with 10 different permanent pigment color options. You will love this light lipstick that feels like you don’t have it on your lips!

Make sure your lips are smooth before applying your lipstick to achieve the best results. The drip-shaped tip will help you while driving. If you are using a bold color, you can use a lip brush for easier application. Take more of your lipstick with a tissue and apply another coat so that your lipstick fits on your lips.

How do I clean Power Stay Lip Color?

To remove, pour Avon True Oil-Based Micellar Cleanser onto a cotton ball and gently wipe your lip from the outer part to the middle. You can apply True Color Lip Care Oil to nourish your lips after removal. Make sure that the cap of your lipstick retains its form.

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