Avon Sugar Maple Glass Effect Hydrogel Paper Mask

Today I am with you with a brand new paper mask review from Avon Brochure February 2020! You know how much I love applying paper masks. Because they both instantly moisturize the skin and act like clay masks. Apply the paper mask, remove it, and massage the remaining gels. Today, Avon Sugar Maple paper mask will be under the lens. It is so cute that it has a package that will not be thrown away. The packaging of masks and care products in the Avon K-Beauty series is so beautiful!Avon Sugar Maple Glass Effect Hydrogel Paper Mask

What is this? It has such sweet packaging that I think no one can throw it away. The Sugar Tree was known as Akçaağacı, also known as Akçaağacı. The maple tree also had good benefits for the skin;

Calming red, sensitive skin,
Providing moisture to the skin,
Increasing the speed of recovery was just a few of them.

The reason it is already writing Glass Effect is to create a shiny skin like glass. So, let’s see how the effects are, what are the application suggestions? Thanks to its silicone structure, it holds on the skin very well and never slips. Let’s come to the effects and recommendations for use;

First of all, like every paper mask, it is possible to see the effect of instant glare and moisture on this paper mask,
You paste it on clean skin and take it off after 10-15 minutes,
Massage the remaining liquid into your face, never wash it, the main thing is that the gel-like liquid is already,
It has a pleasant effect, makes the skin immediately shiny and healthy while taking dryness,
BUT; As I always say, the effect of paper masks is instantaneous, they are not curative, they are not effective for a long time, this mask also fulfills its duties instantly,
It is possible to show your skin better by applying before special days before special makeup.

Here is Avon Sugar Maple Glass Effect Hydrogel Paper Mask from Avon February 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, makeup tips and offers, visit the main page! Also, for a preview of Avon Brochure March 2020, you can subscribe to us or follow us on Facebook!

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