Avon September 2022 Brochure

Avon September 2022 Brochure is full of popular cosmetics such as fragrances, skincare, haircare, and much more! If you need a unusueal and nice fragrances, you should prefer AVON this month. Most of them are on discount now! Let’s view them!

It is not a dream to have soft, full and smooth lips at all ages and seasons. It just needs a care process that demands as much attention as we show the rest of the skin. Lip is one of the most sensitive areas of the skin. It has a structure as thin as the skin under the eyes. Such a hardworking organ of ours deserves a well-designed routine of its own. We have prepared a care guide for full and soft lips at every moment with Avon Brochure September 2022.

Why do lips dry?

Dry lips are caused by a lack of moisture. Both the inside of the body, the skin layer and the humidity in the air are equally effective on the health of the lips. The ability of the cells that make up the lips to repair and renew themselves depends on how much water enters the body, the humidity in the air, and the products used in skin care.


Although it is our first instinct to moisturize dry lips, removing the dead skin from the lips first helps the moisture to be applied to deeper layers. At the same time, it removes dry and chapped skin and gives a smooth and fuller appearance to the lips. If you need products for this step, you should check out Avon September 2022 Catalogue! To the next step;


Moisturizing the lips in two ways; it works by consuming plenty of water and applying the right skin care. Consuming insufficient water can disrupt the body’s motor functions as well as reduce the thickness of the skin layer. This also applies to the lips.

In external care, we need to moisturize the lips at least as much as our skin. It is necessary to apply a moisturizer in the morning, in the evening and according to the need, more oil-based than in the winter months, and containing active ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier. A wide range of lip care products is available on Avon Catalogue September 2022. Browse them and buy your favourite at low prices!

Another care suggestion that can be inspired by the skin routine would be to apply a thin coat of hyaluronic acid serum to the lips immediately after peeling, and then apply an intense moisturizer. This ensures that the hyaluronic acid acts on the skin in the same way that it can better trap moisture on the lips.


Thinning of the skin is experienced not only by insufficient water consumption, but also by increasing age and decreasing collagen levels. For this reason, one way to restore thinned lips over time is collagen supplements. Supporting the natural production of collagen, which affects the skin’s elasticity, moisture-holding capacity and thickness, greatly improves the appearance of the lips. You should browse Avon lip care products and get the best with special discounts!

Pay attention to environmental factors

The main external factors that play a role in the drying of the lips are the weather and the wrong skin care products. In order to protect the lips from harsh conditions in autumn and winter months, when the humidity of the air decreases and the strong winds and cold increase, it is necessary to protect them with physical barriers as well as moisturizing them from the inside out. On days when there is a lot of wind and cold, it is most important to cover the lips with a scarf wrapped around the neck. The most effective solution for air conditioners, indoor spaces filled with high-temperature heating, is to acquire an electronic device that humidifies the air.

AVON Products | Lips;

  • Avon Ultra Color Lip Paint 7 ml, P299
  • Mark. Epic Lipstick, P389
  • Mark. Lip Prism Lipstick, P299
  • Simply Pretty Milk Tea Matte Lipstick 4g, P199
  • True Color Lipstick SPF 15, P279
  • Perfectly Matte Lipstick, P299
  • Mark. Oh So Tokyo Lip and Cheek Blossom 2.5ml, P199
  • Simply Pretty Dew Kiss Smoothies Lip Balm 4g, 89
  • Simply Pretty Cooling Lip Cream 8g, P199
  • Perfectly Smooth Lipstick SPF 15, P299
  • Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick 4g, P119
  • Floral Wonderland Matte Lipstick 3.6g, P199
  • Avon Powerstay Lightweight Matte Bullet Lipstick 3.6g, P319
  • Avon Loaded Lip Lacquer 7ml, P249
  • Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint, P109
  • Avon Dual Gradient Lipstick 3.3 g, P299
  • Avon 2-In-1 Cushion Cloud 10ml, P279
  • Simply Pretty Smoothies Lip Balm 4 g – Strawberry, P89
  • Avon Color Day Glow Jelly Lip & Cheek Tint 5 ml, P229
  • Simply Pretty Smoothies Lip Balm In Candy 4g, P89
  • Simply Pretty Lip Cream In Candy Apple Head 8g, P169
  • Speak Out Avon True Color Lipstick SPF 15 In Lava Love, P279
  • Simply Pretty Lipstick Duo 7g, P199
  • Avpm Simply Pretty Holiday Lip Balm, P89
  • Simply Pretty Split Lipstick Captivating Corals 3.8g, P119
  • Simply Pretty Magic Lip Balm 4 g, P69

The most harmful of environmental factors; In order to protect the lips against the sun, a high-protection sunscreen should be applied to the lips or a lip moisturizer containing SPF should be applied every day, without interrupting the summer and winter. Browse Avon September 2022 Brochure to get the best sunscreen!

Keep hands away!

The worst thing that can be done in the face of dry lips is to peel the dead skin, to constantly wet the lips instead of taking care of the lips. These two highly impulsive behaviors can cause the lips to become much worse than the damage they have already received.

So here are some tips and the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines! Check it out and enjoy shopping!

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