Avon Nutra Effect BB Cream

Today’s topic is about BB Cream and Avon Nutra Effect BB Cream from Avon Brochure February 2020! With the advancement of technology and science, the structure and power of products in the skincare category is increasing day by day. While BB cream gives a natural appearance compared to other cream products, it is among the indispensable creams of many women thanks to its practical use. BB creams are popular in recent years, although they have been found many years ago and are frequently preferred by makeup lovers.

BB creams that adjust the color of the skin, which are the saving product when there is no time to make up, and which can be used as a base when applying makeup, continue to be popular. The use of BB creams as a makeup base is recommended by many makeup artists. It is a very practical and functional product in terms of use. BB creams, also known as color moisturizers, are on the list of almost every cosmetic brand.

What is BB cream?

BB creams, derived from the word Blemish Balm, have a flaw closer feature as well as being moisturizing colorants. It is a very effective product informing and removing skin blemishes and protecting the skin against the negative effects of the sun. It shows the skin naturally by giving no makeup effect. BB creams provide a minimum of 30 SPF sun protection. Besides these moisturizing properties, these skin products provide many additives to the skin such as anti-aging.

Products From Avon February 2020 Brochure;

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