AVON Face tonic: What is it and how is it used?

Today’s topic is about AVON face tonic with Avon Brochure September 2021! Most ladies have a lot of knowledge about wearing makeup. Unfortunately, most people do not have enough knowledge about make-up removal.

In fact, the make-up removal stage is a process that requires at least knowledge and care as much as putting on make-up. Because various skin problems will arise in a skin that has not been completely cleaned. In order to avoid such situations, make-up cleaning should be done well before going to bed at night. Tonic is generally used to remove make-up.

Tonic is a very useful product for the skin.

It is used when removing make-up or when skin problems such as acne are seen. After daily care, the face is thoroughly cleaned with tonic as the last step. By the way, you can find all facial care products on Avon Catalogue September 2021! Discover this brochure and get your needs at low prices!

Tonic is a very special substance. It usually contains a mixture of alcohol and water. In some tonics, mixtures are obtained by using different substances such as orange flower and rose water. Even rose water alone can be used as a tonic and can give good results. Now I would like to briefly talk about the effects of tonic on skin cleansing. If you are looking for good cleansers, take a look at Avon September 2021 Brochure! You will see amazing prices on them!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely clean the oil, dirt and make-up residues accumulated on the skin during the day with water. Even if you wash it, some make-up materials do not leave your face. This is exactly where the tonic comes to your aid. Because make-up residues that do not come off with warm water can be easily cleaned with the tonic.

How To Use Tonic?

Another feature of the tonic is that it tightens the pores on the face. Substances such as dead cells, make-up and soap residues accumulated on the skin close the pores in the skin and prevent your skin from breathing. Closing the pores on the skin causes problems such as acne and acne. These problems are minimized on a skin that has been cleansed with a tonic. Therefore, we invite a more natural and healthy appearance.

Facial Skin Care from AVON September 2021 Catalogue;

Tonic can be used by pouring it on a cotton ball and applying it to the skin, if desired. Only applying cotton to the skin twice a day can wear out the skin, so you can apply it with buffer movements. If desired, it can be used by spraying by putting tonic in a bottle with a whistle, in this way, there will be no wear on the skin.

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