Avon Brochure October 2022

Get ready to explore the new product range with unbeatable cosmetics offers on Avon Brochure October 2022! You can find many essentials for daily life on this Avon Catalogue. You should give a chance to Avon and buy the best!

In addition to this awesome Avon Brochure, you will encounter useful tips for a healthy foot! Browse 5 step foot care routine and get healthy foot. Don’t forget to try Avon foot care products. Most of them are on sale with special offers now!

Avon Brochure October 2022

We all have a skin and hair care routine that we have perfected over the years as a result of research and experience. If not, that’s exactly what we’re all striving for! We try different creams, serums, shampoos. We support these routines with healthy eating habits, regular exercise, mental and spiritual well-being. Our feet, which literally carry all our weight and enable us to move, deserve to be pampered at least as much as our skin and hair. Here is a foot care routine that will get you good results in just a few steps with AVON!

Foot bath

Soaking the feet in hot water helps soften hardened skin. In a large enough bowl, add hot water, relaxing lavender essential oil, lemon oil that creates a chemical peeling effect, magnesium supplement that relaxes the muscles, or epsom salt, which supports the body’s PH balance and accelerates the removal of toxins. Soak your feet in this relaxing water for a minimum of 20 minutes. You can do this step as often as you want. Using a bath salt with high mineral salts, clay and moisturizing rose extracts will take your foot bath to the next level. There are many care products on Avon October 2022 Brochure. Take a look at their good solutions for a healthy body!

Removal of dead skin

Softened feet are more convenient to be purified from dead skin with a physical peeling. After a hot water bath, start rubbing your feet with the help of a pumice stone or a peeling with large particles, concentrating on the hardened and dry heel area. While doing this, be careful not to be too harsh, especially if you are using an exfoliating tool such as a pumice stone. Spend no more than 1 minute on each foot. You can add this to your daily routine by doing this right after taking a shower. If you need a useful heel rasper, you should check Avon Catalogue October 2022. You can view all details about it!

AVON Foot Works;

  • Intensive Foot Moisture Cream
  • Footworks Clay Mask With Lavender
  • Footworks Paddle Foot File
  • Deodorising Foot and Shoe Spray with Lavender
  • Footworks Overnight Renewal Cream
  • Extreme Cracked Heel Cream
  • Foot and Shoe Odour Neutralising Spray
  • Exfoliating Foot Mask Socks
  • Footworks Hard Skin Remover
  • Heel Rasper
  • Footworks Toenail Clippers
  • Wet and Dry Pedi Roller
  • Wet and Dry Pedi Roller Replacement Heads

Peeling effect

Just like in the skin routine, using chemical peelings as well as physical peeling products in foot care provides fast and long-lasting results. Products containing salicydic acid, urea, lactic acid or tea tree oil are absorbed into the lowest layers of the skin and support the removal of dead skin and the emergence of new, healthy, soft skin.

Intense hydration

Moisturizing the feet regularly is the easiest way to have healthy and soft-looking feet. Before going to bed at night, applying a large amount of cream to the feet and wearing cotton socks on it helps to moisturize your feet. This application, which will act as a moisture mask overnight, will allow you to wake up in the morning with soft and moistened feet.

Collagen support to water

As with skin and hair health, the solution to soft and beautiful-looking feet is through adequate water consumption every day. Make sure to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. Adding collagen to your water as a supplement, to which the skin owes its elasticity and flexibility, ensures that your face, hair and foot care routines are supported from the inside.

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