Avon Brochure July 2020

Get ready to check out Avon Brochure July 2020! You will find great product selections and season requirements in this catalog with many opportunities! Besides the popular Avon products, you can be sure that it will surprise you with extraordinary products! If you want to take advantage of its awesome deals and getting the best, you should check out all the pages!

Also, we shared some tips about Avon Lipsticks. You can read this article if you are interested in this topic!

Avon Lipsticks

The lipstick is the complementary element of makeup. Every skin color has its own lipstick color. Nude lipsticks are the fashion trend of recent years. Red lipsticks are a legend that women cannot give up. In recent years, women’s favorite matte lipsticks with high pigments and velvety textures. For those who cannot give up gloss lipsticks, our advice is permanent liquid lipsticks that remain intact for long hours.

Lipstick of makeup is indispensable for makeup bags. Your lipstick is a complementary element that gives your lips volume and makes your makeup provocative. The choice of lipstick can crown a carefully made makeup or cause it to go to waste. Before you get lost in a wide variety of lipstick options, be sure to check out our article to find the most suitable lipstick for your makeup!

What Should We Pay Attention When Choosing Lipstick?

Skin, hair, and eye color are extremely important when choosing a lipstick. Choosing lipstick according to your skin color will make your makeup suit your face. If you are fair-skinned, you can choose pink and peach shades. If you have wheat skin color, you can choose tile colors and nude tones, which are the favorite of recent years. Our suggestion for dark-skinned people will be brown tones and earthy colors. While buying lipstick, try it on your lips instead of trying it on your hand. We recommend you to try the trial products with a lipstick brush to be hygienic. We will generally split the lipstick colors into nude tones and red tones.

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