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Ingenious makeup tricks for fuller-looking lipsAvon Brochure July 2019

All the secrets of how to have fuller lips naturally and without the need for lip fillings await you in this article! Plump lips adorn the dreams of many of us. So, what makeup tips can you get to help have fuller-looking lips? If you are interested in this, let’s start!

The most important rule in makeup: Balance. Which feature you want to bring to the fore, you should keep the rest as plain and in the background as possible. For example; if you want to emphasize your lips, nothing else should distort the focus.

Your skin make-up should be flawless, your eye make-up should be “no-makeup makeup”. Clean your skin, apply tonic and moisturize. Equalize skin imperfections with BB cream. If you have skin problems that require concealment, mask with the appropriate concealer. You can illuminate the bright spots of the skin and achieve a brighter skin appearance with the help of the illuminator. On a smooth complexion makeup, you can apply a glossy lipstick to make your lips much more prominent.

Show your lips plump with lip liner

It is important that the lip liner is the same as the lipstick or lip and that you make a very close application to the lip line for the natural look. If you go far beyond the lip line while applying the pen, you can get an artificial image. You should use an easy-to-apply lip liner to avoid an artificial result. You should browse Avon mark. Pro Line Lip Perfector on page 25 of Avon Brochure July 2019!

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