Avon Brochure August 2019 with Korean Skin Care Routine in 10 Steps

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In this article, you will see some information about Korean Skin Care Routine. If you are interested in this topic, let’s get started!

Korean women’s gorgeous looking skin, of course, has a secret. Korean women care to have great looking skin from an early age. For this, there is something more important than make-up, which is regular skincare routines. With their skincare, they always make their skin look incredibly smooth and shiny. We have listed the Koreans ‘Glass Skin’ trend in 10 steps where you can have a very lively skin even without make-up. Here are the 10 important steps you will have with great skin!

Avon Lightweight Cleansing Oil

1. Cleaning the Skin; The most important thing when starting this routine is to start skincare with a cleansing that purifies your skin completely. With the most intense skin cleansing product in your hand, you should ensure that your skin is completely free of oils and makeup residues by rubbing your face for 3-5 minutes. After applying the product to your face with plenty of water, you should dry it with a clean towel and buffer movements.

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2. Purify Pores; Clean and small pores have always been important in the beauty of Korean women. For this step, you will need a scrub that will purify your skin from dead skin or a peel with light particles. What is important in this step is that you can get rid of the pores with products that will not scratch or irritate your face with particles.

3. Purifying the face with Toner; If you do not have a tonic that you think you can purify well, you should get a tonic that is really successful for this step. With the help of cotton, you can get rid of all the accumulated dirt on your face with the help of tonic without hurting your skin. Therefore, you should give Avon Blackhead Clearing Clarifying Toner a chance! Moreover, the price of this product has dropped to P20! If you want to browse all details of this product, see on page 54 of Avon Brochure August 2019.

Avon K-Beauty Collection Cica Smoothing Sheet Mask

4. Mask; Using a mask that moisturizes and softens in this step will prepare your skin for further care during care. In the mask you choose, the most important point is to choose masks that contain a lot of wet and abundant material. Therefore, you should browse on page 52 to check awesome masks!

5. Essence; This step is a skincare step that entered our lives in Korea. A care product with an effect between tonic and serum. The complete absorption of this product on the skin is the most important condition in this step.

6. Serum; One of the most important points when applying serum to the skin is to massage the skin to absorb the product. Korean women can even use massage tools when applying serum to their skin. Serum and facial massage is definitely an important step to look great without makeup and to make it permanent!

7. Pore Tightening; There are quite ambitious products in pore tightening. In this step, it is usually possible to matte your skin, but it is very important to choose gel products.

8. Eye Contour Cream; The disappearance of under-eye bags and bruises is very important for Korean women. Recently, eye creams applied by massaging with metal balls are very popular. Cold metal balls will refresh your eye area and also take the bulge.

Moisturizing is one of the most important steps for The Glass Skin Routine

9. Moisturize; Moisturizing is a crucial step for any skin type. You should massage with plenty of moisturizer on the skin where you apply too much treatment. This step increases the brightness of your skin at the same time will not allow dryness and stress.

10. Sunscreen; If you are doing skincare during the day, you should always use sunscreen. If you want to do your routine without going to sleep in the evening, you can replace this step with night cream. Because almost all Korean women are extremely white-skinned, sunspots are a fearful dream for them. If you have white skin, you should definitely finish this routine with a sunscreen.

The Glass Skin routine is performed in 10 steps in this way. We guarantee that you will look great even when you do this care for the first time. If you manage to make these 10 steps into your routine, you can look great even without makeup like Korean women.

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