Avon Brochure August 2019 with 5 Life-Changing Mascara Tips

It’s time to explore the tips of applying mascara with products of Avon Brochure August 2019 in this article! Even if you have the best mascara, your eyelashes will still not look the way you want, if you don’t apply them correctly. Do you apply mascara, but your eyelashes stick, don’t gain volume or do not you look like you want them? Maybe the problem isn’t from the mascara, it could be from you. You’re probably applying the mascara wrong.

So how do you apply the mascara correctly?

1) Look straight ahead and place the mascara brush under the lashes.
2) Apply mascara to the ends of the eyelashes with zigzag movements. Thus, each wire enters between your lashes, thus preventing the lashes from sticking together.
3) You can also apply to the lash bottoms with only the end of the mascara. This makes the eyelashes look fuller.
4) First, curl your eyelashes and then apply mascara, if you are using an eyelash curler. If you curl your eyelashes after applying your mascara, you’re giving them the greatest damage you can do. By doing this, you can even cause them to spill.
5) If you want your eyes to look more slanted mascara to the outer edges of the dense and prominent is enough to apply.

Apply it according to eye shape!

You will get maximum results if you apply mascara according to the structure of your eyes. If your eyes are split, apply mascara more intensely to the lashes inside your eyes. If your eyes are too close together, focus on the outer edges of the eyelashes. Also, choose a mascara according to how you want your eyelashes to look. Like volume and lengthening. You should prefer Avon Ultra Lash Magnify Mascara for curling and volume eyelashes. Moreover, it is on discount now. When you buy it at P279, you will save up to P70! So, for more details about it, you can look at page 30 of Avon Brochure August 2019.

This mascara gives 96% volume to the lashes and bends every curl from root to tip. It does not create weight and stiffness in eyelashes. It wraps even the shortest lash from root to end, giving it color and size. It does not dry and pour, does not flow and is long-lasting.

For full and long eyelashes

If you want to have a mascara that increases the volume of your eyelashes by 250% and length by 47% even when you apply a single coat, try Avon True Color SuperShock Max Waterproof Mascara. Even when you apply this mascara in a single layer, your lashes gain intense color and volume. It provides up to 24 hours of permanence. It does not spill and does not spread. Avon True Color SuperShock Max Waterproof Mascara does not clump and does not glue eyelashes together. Therefore, you may want to check more details about it. you can see on page 30 of Avon Catalog August 2019.

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